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  1. Andrew X
    Andrew X at |

    “All of Wikipedia is 10 Gigabytes”??

    Folks, you might want to find some robot fact-checkers. Considering that Windows 10 specs right now calls for 16 Gigs of hard drive space, meaning a typical Windows install right now is 50% larger than Wikipedia as a whole…..? For that matter, same numbers for an I-pod Nano.

    Come to think of it, I think my porn stash is bigger than that. Hey, maybe you’re right about Wikipedia in some manner, and if so, call me on it, but while I agree that 13 Gigs is pretty big for a single file of a mathematical equation, 10 Gigs is….. smaller than one of my flash drives.

    Impressive……. not.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      We reworded the text so it makes better sense. It now reads, “The computer algorithm is 13-gigabytes, and just for comparison, more than the entire text of Wikipedia which is about 10-gigbytes.”


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