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    How symbolic:
    The link to the Dutch Commandotroepen in No.4 leads to an empty page, while the link to their ‘high caliber weaponry’ only refers to standard M-16 clones. (5.56 mm/.223 isn’t really high cal guys…)

    I also wonder how they even made it to this ‘Top 10’ list.
    Having served with them several years ago, when we still had conscription over here in The Netherlands, I was astounded by their physical prowess,
    combined with an absolute lack of intelligence and common sense.
    A few years ago, the Defense Ministry put up a Commando-officer for the highest military medal in The Netherlands (Willemsorde), but ended up with a lot of egg on their face when he turned out to be a drugs- and illegal arms-dealer in his free time.

    What I’m really missing in this list are the Cuban Tropas Especiales, who, inter alia, in Angola kicked the manure out of overwhelming forces of both the South African and Zairese armies in 1975, as well as in 1988.


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