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  1. dave shumway
    dave shumway at |

    Sinclair Lewis in It Can’t Happen Here predicts Trump categorically.

  2. Albert F
    Albert F at |

    It would have been nice to read a list like this without your political agenda spewing profusely from your fingertips.

  3. john boy
    john boy at |

    I agree. Some of the lists are fun and interesting, but when I see the clearly left wing political bias it ruins all of them. I stopped reading after the Trump smear.
    Things in this country are pretty tense right now, and all the media lining up to bash the legitimately elected president is not helping. Would you have published such a thing about Obama? How about not presenting opinions as fact, hmmm?

  4. Ozzie
    Ozzie at |

    I agree…leave politics out of it. I stopped reading after the baseless Trump bashing.

  5. Deb Shaw
    Deb Shaw at |

    Nice list but agree with others. Stop politicizing everything.


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