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  1. fail4sure
    fail4sure at |

    This is a silly list scrapped together by an America-hating paranoid hippie.


    1. The Annoyed Elephant
      The Annoyed Elephant at |

      That’s why, at Listverse, Morris M. is the author most people identify as “the guy who’s actually worse than Flamehorse”.

    2. SOMEGUY7893 .
      SOMEGUY7893 . at |

      Yeah because all those cold war era terrorist groups weren’t backed by American intelligence agencies, criticizing bullshit isn’t hating your country.

  2. The Annoyed Elephant
    The Annoyed Elephant at |

    Seriously…. the CIA? The CIA and FBI are not even close to the same agency. All the stuff that the FBI has done and you couldn’t resist the urge to dip into a completely different pile to fluff out your list?


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