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  1. lawrence mack
    lawrence mack at |

    i have read it was the Emp.Hirohito,General Tojo, or the Admiral who made the remark about guns in America.However, Japan never even considered invading America:China was the main prize.Apparently there is a University in Tokyo that offers a cash prize to anyone who can find The quote about guns in America in the original Japanese.No one has yet.

  2. Phil Tomlinsen
    Phil Tomlinsen at |

    Um, I think the person who put this list together doesn’t understand warfare.

    The days of head-to-head, boots-on-the-ground foolishness should be over.

    We wouldn’t “invade” Canada, per se. Any threat would be eliminated Hiroshima-style.

    Live and let live until we’ve had just about enough, then BOOM! Sand turns to glass…

  3. Graeme Strange
    Graeme Strange at |

    You should do a Top 10 facts that Top Tenz got completely wrong.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      That would appear to be a Top 100 list.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    Who knew China was easier to conquer than Iceland

  5. Scott Ellis
    Scott Ellis at |

    1 quibble with this list: America, South Korea and the UN forces quickly conquered all of North Korea. It was the Chinese invasion that threw them back and thwarted the liberation of North Korea. And even then, it was Truman’s refusal to commit enough troops to win that caused the stalmate. The Norcoms went down like rock in a pond after the Inchon operation.

  6. Ä Brét Cumméns
    Ä Brét Cumméns at |

    China isn’t on the list? So they’re easier to conquer??


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