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  1. amband at |

    there is no evidence, never mind proof the Nazis stole the Amber room. It was more likely destroyed by communist Jews of the Soviet Union, who would have removed anything valuable first

  2. Colin Hall at |

    Although a grotesque act, the theft of this art did at least preserve the works for future generations to appreciate. IMHO better stolen than destroyed in explosions and fires.

  3. steven G hocsák at |

    I have a painting from at least 1800’s that Granmother brought to the USA. It is not stolen … It was given to her as a wedding present for 20 years plus working as a house servant to a rich Jewish Lady. She had no husband. Grandmother started working for her as a servant after she finished the second grade. So granmother was like a daughter to her, she lived at the Lady’s house for over 30 years never to go back to her parents home since the day she began her servitude to her.
    This painting was hung in the focal point of her home and Grandma admired it often. She was surprised when she was given this painting for her wedding present. Her wedding was in 1927 round-about because dad was born in 1928. granmother was 9 years old in 1906 when she started to work for her.
    Since this was a wedding present for someone who worked and lived in her home… Plus since she was so young then the Jewish lady did take it upon herself to raise her like her young child teaching her the things she would need to know not only how to serve her but the life teachings of the world and of God and righteousness to have a better worker, friend and even a daughter that she raised . Becauese of knowing all this I am led to believe it was very valuable because she would not give a wedding present that is worthless. Common sense comondiers me to assume this.
    The painting has no signature that I can locate… but in the place where the signature should often be there is a place where the paint is just put thickly with paint strokes left and right which is not typical to the stle this painting was painted. I strongly intuetively suspect the name was painted over to protect the identity from theft after world war one or grandma had it done to protect it from the atr thefts of world war two? she did not tell us before she died.
    You may inspect a the pictures of this painting on my face book page Steven Hocsak or UR2band. I copied this link while I brought up the picture on my facebook page, this is the link I copied from my brouser

    I believe this will take you to my pictures.

    I suspect you will advise me to look up an Art appraiser to find the true value of this painting…. But I am in a bind… I have been unemployed for Two or more years and Am living from place to place trying to keep my head above water. Art dealers and appraisers will ask me to pay them to do research and I struggle to get the bare assentials to survive. So this is not something that I could do right now.

  4. Kumar at |

    So, these are the best masterpieces that Nazis have stolen. i believe, these are just some, there may be much more, stolen or taken over by many.

  5. Victor Longoria at |

    What a shame .. we have lost so many beautiful art pieces from some of the Worlds greatest painters’….

  6. Richard Stevens at |

    I have in my a small painting by I believe by a Russian painter by Valery Dmitrisch Prik. My father a WWII B-24 pilot picked it up in Germany sometime during his tour of duty. It measures approx. 1-3/4″ X 2-1/4″, shows a sailboat on some river. On the back it is written “found in Germany1945″ & “released by Russians” any thoughts

  7. David at |

    How can any list of looted works not contain Raphael’s “Portrait of a Young Man” probably the most famous painting still missing from the war? Estimates of its value are upwards of 100 million dollars.

  8. Mercedes Vox at |

    @David THIS. As I scrolled down the page, I was fully expecting the gorgeous “Portrait of a Young Man” to be the #1 entry on the list. For it not to appear anywhere in the top ten is ludicrous.


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