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  1. Fred
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    There is no tangible difference between the status of so-called Indentured Servants and Slaves. Plenty of people were indentured for the term of their natural life, and that is basically slavery. The many indentured servants who fled slavery escaped into the American hinterlands and have lived in unincorporated settlements, often more disadvantaged than the slaves and their descendants remain hostile and fearful of any government authority to this day. This is the ongoing legacy of America’s and Britain’s white slavery legacy. This should not be ignored any longer.

  2. Ava
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    One thing that should be noted. Not everyone who fought for the confederacy or the union wanted to. There were many who were conscripted into service. Some Southerners fled to the north to fight, some hid out to avoid the war and some just made a choice between shooting at their neighbors or shooting with them. I had two great grandfathers who fought for the confederacy. Both were anti-slave. One owned a large property and used only white labor or freedmen. Everybody got paid. When a neighbor sold out and was moving, they asked my great-grandfather if one of their elderly slaves could stay with them. She had family in the area and did not want to move away. She lived out her life near her children with my ancestor’s family. The War Between the States was a tragic terrible time for our country. Glad it worked out like it did.

  3. Thomas Lessman
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    It is generally understood today that the enslavement of Africans was a terrible atrocity that destroyed millions of lives, and the vast majority of the perpetrators were never properly brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

    There is something else that gets left out of almost all discussions about slavery, and schools totally fail to mention this when teaching about slavery, because the actual truth is not considered “politically correct”…

    The truth is that Africans were also enslaving Europeans, and had been doing so for hundreds of years before the Atlantic slave trade even started. Africans had been sending armies of slave raiders to the Mediterranean long before Rome built it’s empire and sent armies south of the Sahara desert to defeat the African slave raiding cultures. The Roman successes only temporarily stopped the African slave raiders; after the fall of Rome and especially with the spread of Islam into North Africa, the raids resumed and became became far more intense – leading to widespread depopulation of the entire Mediterranean coast of Europe during medieval times as entire villages were seized abs their people dragged in chains back to Africa.

    Those enslaved Europeans suffered fates even worse than what African slaves faced in America. The majority of the enslaved men only survived a few years at most because they were literally worked to death laboring in gold mines. A few “lucky” male European slaves were castrated and forced to become eunuchs. The women were forced to become house slaves and/or sex slaves.

    Any way we look at it today, slavery is a horrible stain on humanity. In order to ensure that we never devolve to that level of deplorable savagery again (as well as to eliminate current forms of slavery), we must thoroughly study (with an unbiased microscope) what caused it and also keep an open and honest discussion – including ALL forms of it and ALL of its victims, no matter what race they were.

    Thomas Lessman
    Talessman’s Atlas of World History

  4. jerry
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    what many people fail to grasp is that it wasn’t just about white v.s. black. americas first slave owner was a free black man named Anthony Johnson who went to court in 1654 to demand the right to own his indentured servant (another black man) named John Casor. also many african slaves were sold by there own people. i’m not saying slavery isn’t despicable but lets stop using it to devide us.


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