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  1. yaboy
    yaboy at |

    Everybody seems to forget but brings up tht the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets…but..some people seem to overlook that it has been said in canon that Thor has unlimited strength as well…

  2. lee winters
    lee winters at |

    Apocalypse should be on this list, with his size increasing ability, he can potentially lift hundreds of tons.

  3. CaptMurphy
    CaptMurphy at |

    Hulk didn’t lift up the mountain, he was wedging out a space with leverage.

  4. Kerry
    Kerry at |

    Gladiator, Sentry, Abomination, Neferia and most of Galactus Heralds etc.

  5. Reilly
    Reilly at |

    “By utilizing the telekinetic powers of Professor X and the magnetokinetic powers of Magneto in tandem, Onslaught can lift objects weighing millions of tons with its mind and hit them with enough force to catapult them across a continent”

    Since when did Professor X have telekinetic powers? He has vast telepathic powers but that is not the same at all.

  6. Salman Shahid
    Salman Shahid at |

    I think THOR is the most powerful. Not even the Hulk can beat him.


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