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  1. Eric O. LEBIGOT
    Eric O. LEBIGOT at |

    Reader beware. While I mostly agree with your points about other nice cities (point 8), the Eiffel tower (point 1), I must say that I strongly disagree with most of this article. While I respect the opinion of the writer, indicating that “the best dish to have in Paris is probably a croque-monsieur”, for instance, arguably casts some serious doubt about the general relevance of his judgments. I have been living in Paris for about 20 years: it would be so hard to justify many of his judgments that I had to check whether the article was dated April first.

  2. Gabriel Mann
    Gabriel Mann at |

    Though I disagree with some of the things written here, I found it amusing to read. Innocent and blunt humour mostly.

  3. buddy
    buddy at |

    I agree with the writer. Paris is overrated. Sure its got nice monuments and great museums. But so do MANY other cities. With less hassle. I have been to Paris many times by the way and have tried hard to like the city. Overpriced and overrated.

  4. Luis
    Luis at |

    Spot on! Paris is a lot about the hype and the marketing. While it’s an interesting city with beautiful sights, there are many other places that are likewise stunning and which are not rip-offs. And the famous cuisine? Good luck finding it and when and if you do, it’s likely to be waayyy overpriced.

  5. Eliza Coupet
    Eliza Coupet at |

    I was born in Paris but raised in California. I went back for a few years than moved to Cali again. Paris is magic, but it’s not for anyone. I agree about the clochard thing but I can’t agree on the food, you just need to know where to go. Same as with anywhere else.

  6. Simon Le Chambre
    Simon Le Chambre at |

    Paris is amazing. And you’re wrong

  7. Frederic
    Frederic at |

    Stating that Paris in amazing and unique does not imply that other cities are not as much stunning. I have been to many cities, and I shall state that few of them are quite overrated but that is almost an obvious fact, for everyone has different tastes and consequently different judgements about one place or another. It’s very relative.

  8. K Been
    K Been at |

    I went to every single spot in Paris, tried everything and assisted to as many events as I could and there is not a single reason for me to come back. Way overrated if you compared it to most of the European cities.


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