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  1. Christina
    Christina at |

    Pixar is revealing the truth about children.

    1. KryptoTSD
      KryptoTSD at |

      And too many Biological Adults, which also includes SJWs…

  2. Georgina Preston
    Georgina Preston at |

    Never in my life have I read such a spurious load of clap trap, I spent most of the article lMAO and sheer dumbassery of the writer, seriously? Here’s a challenge for you, forget writing articles, your talents clearly lie in film-making, so go and write the next blockbuster, minus all the plot triggers you have just outed as being anti-children, then read it back and be sure that you haven’t simply switched those plot triggers to adults because that would mean that you hate adults….taken them all out? good, now see how many people want to go and watch your plot of painting drying. This article has to be a piss take.

  3. HHenry
    HHenry at |

    This list is obnoxiously contrarian.

  4. Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong
    Idontneedadegreescienceiswrong at |

    This list is ridiculous. I was going to itemise a list of my own on why every single entry of this is completely missing the point, but instead ill just say that you shouldnt have been paid for this utter load.


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