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  1. brian
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    You seem to confusing number with spread in 3. More people are speaking French but as you say only in one part of the world. Even parts of the French establishment are now turning to English.

    English is the default language of the world for the reasons you state. Watch any news programme from anywhere in the world and a reporter can always find someone for a vox pop.

    The world’s second language is Spanish, widely spoken around the world.

    Chinese not soon. Kids with nannies are not going to tip the balance.

    1. DField
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      Yes, thanks for basically agreeing with my point that English is the closest spoken language we have to a ‘universal language’. I was just trying to broaden the discussion a bit with regard to other language, using sources, and show better what it would take for a language to go into global demand. English is certainly doing it now. The point about nannies is that the wealthy are better there, ahead of the game. Where the wealthy go, many end up following, but your point is well meant and true.


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