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  • bca

    How is Bad Santa considered a "black" comedy??

  • Toff

    Bad Santa could be considered a "black comedy" not a "black" comedy. I.e. as IMDb defines it, "A comedy in which the humour is derived from subjects which are typically considered "serious", or for which humour is usually considered as unsuitable. Common examples are death, war, suffering, and murder."

    • Thank you, Toff. Couldn't have stated it better myself.

  • P Smith

    Where the hell is “The Ref”? Denis Leary’s screaming and swearing with Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey as his foils is utterly hilarious.

  • Suzu

    Um, they didn’t turn into green monsters when wet! They multiplied when wet. If they ate anything after a certain time is when they turned into green monsters! Go gremlins! XD


    red dawn number 5 number 2

  • Maia

    These movies seem to be more movies that take place around Christmas more the “Christmas Movies”. That being said my 2 faves are Go and Mixed Nuts. Watch the latter every Christmas.

  • Jewels

    Crash is another movie that happens around Christmas. While certainly unsettling more than a couple times, it does end with a message of the interconnectedness of humanity— Christmas spirit?