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  1. Llortz
    Llortz at |

    This title sucks…

    None of these games broke the rules; they introduced new elements to an existing genre. This title should be renamed to “Games that changed a genre” (but then you would’ve left off a lot of games)

    A game that breaks a rule should be something that happens in a game that doesn’t follow the game’s mechanism. For example, why does Cloud just revive Aeris with a Phoenix Down? Game Broken!

  2. Nicolás Reyes
    Nicolás Reyes at |

    The Stanley Parable. That’s the reason I’m here, this game defined what braking the rules means for me, and I haven’t played a game like it since. It’s a shame it isn’t on the list.

    The Stanley Parable is a videogame about videogames, it’s a story but it never ends, even though it has many endings. “When Stanley got to a set of two open doors, he took the door on his left” Wich door you’ll take? It’s up to you… or maybe it isn’t.

    “The Stanley Parable” is a masterpiece, if you want to play a game that really breakes the rules, play The Stanley Parable, and you’ll find out that you aren’t really playing the game but instead the game is playing you.


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