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Top 10 Things to Know About Lee Standberry

10.  My favorite
Top Tenz list from another author is 'Top 10 Villains who should have gone legit'.

9.   My
favorite Top Tenz list that I wrote - kind of hard to
choose, but I think I side with 'Top 10 Comic Super Heroes of Color', that was
retitled 'Top 10 non-white comic super heroes.'

8.   I'm the
best EA Sports NBA Live player you've never met or heard of. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  If Live was as popular as Madden
football, I would have been on TV and won tons of prize money by now. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Unfortunately, I'm left to take my
buddies beer money. But hey, it's a hustle.

7.   I'm an
avid comic book collector and reader, and an advocate of the medium. Screw the
movie adaptions and read the original material. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Nuff Said!

6.   I
firmly believe in the utility of polygamy, but my wife - for reasons that
continue to elude me- is not open to the idea. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  At an impasse, I'm left to wallow in
thoughts of what could have been...

5.   There
was a time when jumping out of helicopters and running around in the woods in camouflage
fatigues was what I did for a living. 
Semper Fi!

4.   I've
never met anyone even remotely famous. 

In fact, I've never even been in close proximity to anyone famous. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  I can't even manage to get a concert
seat close to the stage.

3.   Besides
being able to string words together into somewhat comprehensible sentences, I
like to talk (probably a little too much), so I spend a considerable amount of
my time teaching and lecturing to people who are interested in what I have to

2.   I'm a
social conservative (not the political variety) who happens to believe in
social issues like government has a fundamental responsibility and obligation
to assist its citizens in times of need.

1.  I love dogs
and until recent years, have always had one in my life. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  My wife, however, doesn’t care for
canines and happens to prefer cats (again, for inexplicable reasons). style="mso-spacerun:yes">  At another impasse, we have a turtle. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Yeah, because EVERYONE
loves reptiles.