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There have been some exciting changes in the last week at Hopefully many of the the changes will make for a better user experience. Here is a quick bulleted list of the goings-on this week and the past months.

  1. Fewer Ads
    We have reduced the number of ads on the site. You will now find less ads on every page.
  2. Sunday Lists
    We are now posting lists on Sundays. We post a new top 10 list every day of the week except Saturday.
  3. No More Traffic Exchanges
    We are no longer participating in link exchanges with other sites. We prefer you stick around and read So no more images with links sending you off at the bottom of every list. You should only see similar lists from to choose from.
  4. Prev, Next and Surprise Buttons

    And, most importantly, we have added three spiffy new buttons at the end of every list. A big “previous” button, a big “next” button and a really cool “surprise me!” button. I think the buttons are self-explanatory but just in case, the surprise me button will pull up a random list from the 1,100 plus lists that make up
  5. Editor Changes
    We have a new editor on the site, Shannon. She is replacing the first editor who has moved on to bigger things. Tanya is no longer an editor for But she will still be contributing new top 10 lists for everyone to enjoy or criticize, whichever is your preference.
  6. We Want You…To Write
    We are actively looking for writers, so sharpen your pencils and submit a list or and idea.
  7. Bonuses for our writers
    Every month will be paying $100 bonuses to 3 of the authors of the articles that have the most traffic in the first 7 days of being published.
  8. New Posts for has been revived and we will be posting to our sister site more often.
  9. iPhone App Almost Ready
    Hey, I love my iPhone. It is my 3rd one. I drink the delicious Apple Kool-aid. But changing the iOS from 5 to 6 caused real problems with a very simple app and made me a little angry at Apple. For that I apologize and I will be releasing the update to the TopTenz iPhone App with fixes very soon. Final testing is happening now. Please be a bit more patient and I will announce with the app is ready for sale again and those who already bought it can update it and end the crashes in iOS6.
  10. Hmmmm…Do You Like Smoothies?
    Skinny Smoothies BookSince I can’t seem to make post without mentioning 10 things, I will end this list of 10 by letting you know that I published a book for another site I own, The book is called Skinny Smoothies: 101 Delicious Drinks that Help You Detox and Lose Weight, which you can buy online and in a few stores. My hope is this is a jumping point for there to be a TopTenz book. Keeping fingers crossed.


  1. I hope writing for is legit and I will be paid. I am going to get started writing for them this week.

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