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  1. PragmaticStatistic at |

    Bats are also linked to several new diseases with the potential for worldwide impact.

    Ebola was traced to the Hammer-headed Bat, the Peter’s Dwarf Epauletted Fruit Bat, and the Egyptian Rousette Fruit Bat. According to a New York Times article, Link to African Ebola Found in Bats Suggests Virus Is More Widespread, it is now theorized bats drink out of jars attached to trees to collect tasty palm sap, and that humans consume fresh sap contaminated with bat saliva, urine or feces.

    See Google Map of Ebola Outbreak:

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was traced to Chinese Horseshoe bats.

    See Google Map of SARS Outbreak:

    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) may be linked to the range matching that of the Desert Long-eared Bat.

    See Google Map of MERS outbreak:

    Then see how it all ties together at:
    How bats in remote locations are a threat to globalization’s health.

    1. THATguy at |

      Thanks for the uplifting comment, Capt. Bring-Down….shall i kill myself now, or wait for the bats to do it?

      1. PragmaticStatistic at |

        I simply thought you would want to know about a potential threat to your health. If you prefer to make fun of it, that is your stupidity. Evidently the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization don’t think its that funny, or refer to the problem in such a sarcastic manner as you. Maybe you won’t find it so funny when your sitting next to someone on a plane who has one of these illnesses. That is how SARS spread worldwide in a matter of months back in 2002.


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