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Top 10 Reasons Republicans Will Dominate This Next Election

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And now for Part II of our US Election Prediction Spectacular! Previously, we offered up ten reasons why the Democrats will dominate this election. But the other side has just as many reasons to support their endeavors. So here are ten reasons to expect a Republican majority in your life real soon.

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Top 10 Reasons Democrats Will Dominate This Next Election

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The 2014 US Elections are almost here! Will the Democrats win a majority in both branches of Congress and rule the government, or will the Republicans take the Senate back, keep the House, and make things even more difficult for Obama? Here, in Part I, we examine why this is the Donkey’s time to shine.

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Top 10 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like Herbert Hoover

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Usually, President Obama gets compared to luminaries such as JFK and Lincoln. But given the current instability of the US government, perhaps the best comparison one can make is to Herbert Hoover, who was President when the Great Depression began. Hopefully, Obama’s time in office ends more positively.

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Top 10 Honest Politicians

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When you think of politicians, just about the last word that comes to mind is “honesty.” That’s too bad, because there are actually quite a few throughout history known for their devotion to the truth. Sadly, they’re in the minority, hence the Top 10 list. If this were about dishonest politicians, we’d be posting it on