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  1. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    This year my daughter's photo contained the 'pointing finger of accusation' where she is being held in place and pointing to the photographer with a 'you are the reason this is happening, I won't forget you' look.

  2. Lelsh
    Lelsh at |

    wooh xD
    everything above is soo true

    I loved the list xD

  3. sarah
    sarah at |

    I laughed so hard at this list.

  4. Bianca
    Bianca at |

    The middle picture of "I Gotta Get Outta Here", the poor victim child who managed to get away looking dead into the camera in all her (I think her!) terror while the two torturers who are doing this to her – mom and Santa – are in the background smiling, is an absolute masterpiece. It should be in a museum of photography.

  5. Bianca
    Bianca at |

    Oops! Upon closer inspection, that's not mom, that's Mrs. Santa! My bad, but they're still torturers. : )

  6. Audra
    Audra at |

    Being a mom makes this all the more enjoyable and cute.

  7. J
    J at |

    i'm looking at this at work and im trying so hard not to laugh out loud, everyone must think i'm crying! this is so excellent!!! great collection of lists!

  8. Jess
    Jess at |

    The Screaming Choir was funny

  9. Blah
    Blah at |

    That was fricken funny as hell

  10. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    when i saw the title for this list on the home page i was wondering what it meant..i thought it might have been worded wrong or maybe the list was going to be something that i wasn’t familiar with…but seeing the pics and the descriptions..i laughed out loud cuz you see this all the time….what i like are the look on the santas’ faces with the screaming children..they either try to maintin that trained smile, or they have that look of…this is how may day has been..how about you?….great list and wonderfully put together..Merry Christmas to all contributors both making the lists and all who comment on them…take care and God bless

  11. Vic
    Vic at |

    I DON’T find it cute, or funny. I think it is CRUEL! The children are TERRIFIED—as well they should be. Make mom and dad sit on some blood colored ALIEN’S lap! (Yes, I am a mother and grandmother—I never thought it was fun or cute to torture or scare my children! I wouldn’t tolerate someone deliberately threatening my child—so why would I “turn on them” (in their little terrified minds). I’ll bet 90% of the visceral cry of angry teens, I HATE YOU—started right here.

    Santa quickly becomes acceptable soon enough, and they will sit willingly.

    Until then give your child a break, give poor Santa a break, and give other parents listening a break—-and for the toddler watching all this, and clinging closer and closer to my leg—what can I say in answer to their, “Why is that MOMMY doing that?!” Insanity?! Mean? Warped sense of h umor? God only knows, Child. But no, I will not MAKE you go sit on some S T R A N G E alien-looking thing’s lap—let go of my leg.

    Santa IS SCARY—-you’re just “use” to him–look at him objectively-!—nothing about him looks like ANYTHING walking around on earth to a young child.

  12. Tam2128
    Tam2128 at |

    I was a ‘Santa’s suckhole’ which is what my much older sibs called me when I was growing up. Almost every photo with Santa has me crying,starting to cry or sitting stoically post crying fit with a beet red face and swollen eyes. My sister closest to my age was always in the photo with me.She usually is laughing or smiling with a devilish glint in her eyes. I didn’t hate my parents for making me sit on Santa’s lap.The older kids always told me they had to do it so I had to do it ,too. I really believe it is helpful for kids to be able to see that they survived this scary thing. Kids today are coddled too much. Being scared won’t kill them and in time the Santa scaries abate when they grow up enough to see Santa for what he is. The photos have become priceless treasures for me now that I’m an adult.

  13. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Or have your children watch the latest installment of “Family Guy”….”Stewie And Brian Go To The North Pole”. Family Guys Christmas Special. I just did and I loved it !!!!!!!!!! Your children may not, however.

  14. brian
    brian at |

    Just another piece of proof that a lot of children are scared of Santa. Hopefully, your trip to visit St. Nick will go much better than everyone of these. Either way, you’ll definitely have a holiday memory to cherish.

  15. Lou
    Lou at |

    I agree with Vic. While we adults might find this darkly amusing, it ain’t amusing to the kid. And it’s certainly not amusing to the store’s Santa.

    My parents didn’t take me to see a Santa until I was about three, and I was actually looking forward to it at the time. No trauma here. And Tam, it’s not “coddling” to not force your kid, it’s common sense.

  16. Alexandre
    Alexandre at |

    Childrens scare me…

  17. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    I just watched “Looper” the other day, and now I’m a bit confused about this time travel thing. Is it really 2912 now? I’m sure I should get a new laptop then, this one is from 2011.

  18. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    It must be really hard to be a Santa on the holidays. My son always screamed and cried when he saw Santa

  19. Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn at |

    The third picture in WTF or I Will Not Cry, As God is my Witness… The little girl’s face is priceless! xD
    She looks so sad and innocent!


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