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  • joey

    I can see most of your choices however I think you neglected to consider one. Grania O'Malley. Tell me you just didn't know about her. XXX

  • As crazy-cool as she was, 16th century Irish pirates just could not possibly bathe enough for my taste. I'll leave her to you, laddie.

  • joey

    LOL I never actually thought about that! Thanks…. I guess.

  • missyb3666

    Great list! I love that you picked Harry over the blonde prince (can't remember his name)and Clint still gets me hot! Being the opposite of the "cougar", I love the old dudes, so I guess we balance. LOL

  • I think Sarah Palin should have been on this list. She made me care about politics again. 😉

  • Thanks Missy. Yeah, William seems a sweet lad but reminds me too much of Charles. Harry on the other hand… purrrrr.

    TopTenzMaster, Sarah is my #11. She's right there, baby 😉

  • Kate West

    It's Prince HARRY!!! Not Henry!! And he's not a politician at all. But he is sexy

    • Martin

      Harry’s name is actually Henry… he’d be King Henry iX if he ever got the throne. But you’re right, he’s NOT a politician!

  • Kate dear,

    Look it up. His name is Prince Henry.

    And, the first sentence of the article states "certain royalty not withstanding."

  • It seems as if it is both. From Wikipedia: "Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry."

  • hello there again

    wow this is an amazing list

    i have to agree that sarah palin should be included and how about arnold schazenwegger

    he's a politician already right..

  • great job veronica i enjoy the lists

  • wow i didnt know that you have a contest about top 10 listing

    i am willing to join but im just wondering if its okay to took picture from other sites? as long as the article was yours

    is that okay?

  • ha!

    You are a comedian.

    Also, this list made me hot.

  • Barb

    He may be commonly known as Harry, but his name is definitely Henry.

  • trish

    In what universe is Prince Harry a politican? And he has never been referred to as prince henry…

  • BritishBeauty

    In what universe is someone dolt enough not to bother to read the very first sentence of a piece and then leave comment like above? And not once, but twice? Poor saps embarrass themselves.

    And by the way America, the lady is right. He's our lovely Prince Henry. Harry is a nickname for Henry. Thanks for the laughs.

    Great article, Veronica.

  • trish

    It makes no sense to have him there. he is not a politican.

  • BritishBeauty

    trish! READ! The article says certain royalty included. Have you nothing better to do then leaving inane comments are articles you didn't read about people whose names you don't know?

    Hard to believe two seperate people didn't know the Prince's name, and didn't read the list parameters, but felt compelled to leave comments regarding both discretions on their part.

    Are the trish and Kate comments coming from the same IP? TopTenzMaster?

  • Eric

    Uhhhhh, Che Guevara was not a politician, he was a murdering, communist.

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

      and you’re a brainwashed capitalist

      • Jessica Hawke

        Eyeless, show me one communist country that has ever worked. Communism is a utopian idea that never works in the real world. So-called communist governments have more blood and oppression on their hands than any type of government in the history of the planet Earth. Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it isn’t the oppressive, murdering regimes that communism has been. Give it up already!!

        • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

          And who side i support it? I support a man full of flaws like anybody else but that becomes admirable worldwide the second he stands up against the oppression and imperialism of a country that will nevertheless present him as the villain (when is in fact the opposite) Yanks they’ll be (i honestly don’t care about your nationality but I’m betting you’re white and middle class) soooooo… be yourself Jessica, keep telling yourself your side is the Good One (hint: it’s the opposite) just don’t ever google countries like Lybia, Syria, Yugoslavia, Chile, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Colombia and you’ll be alright

          So long Jessi sleep tight

    • Paul. A

      That is exactly what I was going to say. RIGHT ON.

  • CDN_lvr

    Ummm no Pierre Trudeau? Canada's Sexy Man in the 70's? You can't have a list of sexiest politicians without including Trudeau


    Like it or not, Henry – nicknamed Harry – is a prince in a constitutional monarchy. That makes him a politician by birth, just ask the Queen! As for Guevara, I'm amazed by his popularity and disheartened by this inclusion here. He was asthmatic (that heavy breathing means he's dying) and spent a LOT of time piggybacking on a motorcycle with another man (nothing says "sexy" like two men holding each other on the bumpy roads of South America). Of course, lusting for the man who made Cuba so bad that people still flee in leaky boats may be something best left in Veronica's closet…

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

      You’re siding a royal and attacking a revolutionary ‘cos he was comunist and in your (very) childish opinion, gay?

  • Dyrr Keusseyan

    hmmm. you forgot about Trudeau, the former Canadian Prime Minister. When he was P.M there was a pure love affair between him and the Canadian public. He would definitely fit in the top ten.

  • Davo

    any pics of the cougar/author?

  • Sean

    As long as we're discussing sexy royalty, I'll take Queen Raina of Jordan FTW. She's way more politically active (and hotter) than Harry/Henry.

  • ethan daniel

    how about imelda marcos?

  • Irishred

    Sarah Palin is hot and a milf/cougar whatever.

  • Ottractive

    Obama should have been on the list. Maybe he doesn't appeal to mainstream, but I bet most Black women age 24-50 would agree with me. I know we are not a huge enough chunk of the population to be included in a top 10 list for our choices but many of us love his swag, height, lips, eyes, skin colour and appearance of his skin texture,smile (CHEESE), the way he smirks, long fingers/nice hands, the walk, how he looks in a suit–especially the Inauguration day look in the parade with the maroon-hued scarf (wow) and of course the internal traits (personality, wit, humor, intellect) that I think affects how women see men physically. Most intellectually savvy women I know state that those internal traits affect how they view someone's physical attractiveness. Logical–perhaps not, real–indeed.

    • ilknur

      Agreed, OBAMA should have been on this list – for he is wayyyyyyyyyyy sexier than any of the man you have listed here. He is damn hot.
      And for your information: I am not black

  • Neek

    Where's Sarah Palin?

  • Andy

    What about Princess Grace Kelly?

  • meow

    young fidel castro please

  • You made the right pick in the first place, Yulia Tymoshenko is one of the most inspiring and sexiest politician. Being featured in forbes most powerful women is not a big joke to play around. She's a mix of smart and beauty that can control the whole nation.

  • Bianca

    Great list! What about curvaceous (The Times) Elena Udrea, glamour model and Minister for Tourism in the Romanian government? She is for sure not inspiring, but some people consider her hot…Romanians hate her, she is quite a controversial figure.


  • Faith

    Don't you mean Prince Harry? It's Harry, not Henry. Not trying to be mean, just wanted to point out a minor mistake

    • Barb

      Sorry Faith but "Harry" is actually named Henry. Again, I'm not being mean, just pointing out your minor mistake.

      • I added "commonly known as Prince Harry" to the paragraph. Everyone calls him Prince Harry so I can see why there is some confusion.

        I hadn't given it much thought, but had assumed he was named after one of the King Harolds (I am more interested in old English history than the current royals). It looks like he may have been named after King Henry I, who also had an older brother named William… although perhaps not, because Henry I is suspected of perhaps murdering William to get the throne… yikes… Does anyone know who he was named after? I didn't see anything online…

    • Veronica

      No, Faith.

      His name is Prince Henry of Wales, exactly as I wrote it in the article.

      His full name is Henry Charles Albert David.

      His nickname is Prince Harry, exactly as I added in the article.

      'Just like I reposted in comment to Kate West.

      Tanya Bennett, I don't see a paragraph where you added "commonly known as Prince Harry." I wrote it in my article, but I don't see where you added it someplace, as you reference.

      Thanks Barb.

      • Hi Veronica – I actually added it to your article – to the 3rd sentence in your paragraph about Prince Henry. The "commonly known as Prince Harry" wasn't there before. I should have explained that I work for TopTenz as an editor in my comment, sorry.

        • Veronica


          😉 very cool.


  • Barb

    Wow, seriously Faith. I'm just going to assume you live in America, because I think most people in the British Commonwealth know that Harry's name is actually Henry. I don't mean to be rude, but you should really check your facts first.

  • louis

    Don’t you mean Prince Harry? It’s Harry, not Henry. Not trying to be mean, just wanted to point out a minor mistake..

    • Read the comments. This has been discussed and verified a few times already. Welcome to the party.

  • Ghadeer
    • He looks dramatically different from the first to the last photo. Thanks for including them, Ghadeer.

      • Ghadeer

        No problem! Yeah, the whole beard and long hair thing with the beret was a real different look for him, but hey, he was just all around hot. 😛

  • Dan

    Vladimir Putin is pretty good looking for a 50-something.

    • Ashley

      I totally agree. My first thought was WHERE IS PUTIN ON THIS LIST?? Heck, I even came to this site expecting to see his picture.

  • jack

    Searched for the information on this theme, and only here I found it. Great list! I love that you picked Harry over the blonde prince (can’t remember his name)and Clint still gets me hot! Being the opposite of the “cougar”, I love the old dudes, so I guess we balance.

  • Dave Bartlett

    How the hell, by whatever stretch of the imagination you care to choose, can Prince Henry (Harry) Windsor be classed as a politician?

    In the UK we have a constitutional monarchy. Even the queen has no real power, and young Harry, whether he’s a nice guy or not, plays no part in the government of any part of this or any other country.

    He’s no more a politician than I am.

    Now if you want to include him (or even both of us) in your list of ‘Top Ten Guys That Give You The Hots’, that’s fine, (by me; I assume he’ll have no objections either,) but he’s no bloody politician so doesn’t qualify here.

  • Dylan Hayes

    Very first line of the article, “Here is my Top Ten List of the Sexiest Politicians, certain royalty not withstanding.” Plus, there has already been a comment by someone else who didn’t read, which of course was followed up by comments telling the person to read. I was Googling for some info for a history class I teach and I came across this article. Obviously not what I was looking for, but a fun article and a nice break in the midst of my work. Then I read the comments. Davey, you haven’t read the article, or the comment you repeated. But you decided a fun-spirited non-serious blog about sexy people (which you did not read) should somehow require a mean-spirited serious comment explaining the constitutional monarchy. Really? You couldn’t just read the first sentence and enjoy this little goof for what it is? What is wrong with you? Jeez… Lighten up. Get a life. Learn to read. Learn to laugh and be nice. Stop taking yourself so seriously; I promise you, no one else is taking you seriously.

  • jimmy ostrach

    add to this list the new PM of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra

  • math

    # 4 looks hot.

  • CiCi

    Che?????? How many people can you murder before you are excluded from such a list?

  • Lewis

    JOhn.F keneddy is the 10 most hottest!? you must be kidding me

  • lopezferrer

    “I am all ****** out! That ******* woman has absolutely ******* me from one end of the room to the other for three ******* nights.” Roald Dahl (Roald Dahl, british spy and writer, in a plead to abort a mission where he seduced Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce, to get information on her husband, owner of TIME Magazine Henry Luce). A woman who likes getting physical… sexy Oh yes!

  • brian

    What happened to my darling Nicola Sturgeon, pant pant

  • Cotumarre

    I respect the list, however there are 2 people that shoudl hands down no doubt be on this list, as a matter of fact I’d have them 1 and 2 or vice versa.

    Princess Grace Kelly, she is one of the most beautiful women ever and she ebraced her roll as Princess of Monace with great elagance and as her name, tremendous Grace.

    Irene Saez, now I’d admit it’s hard to know who she is, she not only won both the Miss Venezuela and Miss Univerese contest in 1981 but she has been considered by Donald Turmp himself as the best Miss Universe of all times. After a succesful modeling carrer she became the Hilary Clinton of her native Venezuela, she was a very succesful Mayor of an important county, not only did she change her county but sweeden’s police department requested her police structure model so they can copy it, she also improved the quality of life of her people making her very popular, of all the people who have ever ran against current Venezuelan president Chavez, she gave him a run for his money when he won his first election, she actually finished second behind him. Many Venezuelan’s regret not having voted for her. She later became a Governos of Venezuela’s most popular touristic city and again she exeeded expectations. So bottom line, Irene Saes has been:
    Miss Venezuela
    Miss Universe
    Venezuela’s cultural representative to the United Nations.
    Mayor of Chacao
    Governor of Nueva Esparta state
    and last but not least, runner up in 1998 presidential elections.

  • Marilyn Aparecida

    I finally found someone who thinks like me …
    You’re right, pal. President JFK is so pretty!
    That smile, those blue eyes.
    Indeed, to conquer even the heart Diva marilyn monroe, need not say much about how he was handsome.
    Beautiful, friendly, tasty … the prince of the united states!!
    I loved your poll, congratulations friend!!!
    Hugs .. ?

  • Jessica Hawke

    CHE GUEVARA???? Yey, I guess he was passionate about being a mass murdering commie!! How can you even find that sexy?? Are you a bunch of communists or something????
    Where is Sarah Palin, Aaron Schock, Jackie Kennedy, Gavin Newsom?? Your list has a few right, but not much.

    • Guest008

      Che has been a good commie for 45 years now ;P

  • waqar

    Did you never search the peronality traits of field marshal ayub khan from pakistan…?

  • Luke Betts

    Prince Harry is not a politician or a tank commander, he is a member of the British royal family and an Apache helicopter pilot.
    I am surprised you did not include Silvio Berlesconi.

  • Well, tastes cannot be discussed. For some of us these politicians are not that good looking and some of them are actually ugly.

  • Felina Gordo

    You should update your list with Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and Enrique Pena Nieto <3