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We Are NOT Accepting Articles Until Sept. 1.

We pay $50 through Paypal for all top 10 lists we accept.

We only publish once a day so we are limited to 30 or so articles per month. Please be patient if you have submitted a list and you don’t hear back immediately. If you haven’t heard from us within 3 weeks, send a followup email. (We buy 30 lists or so per month).

We welcome and encourage all our readers to create and submit their own top ten list. If you don’t have a top ten list but you have an interesting idea, send that in as well. Feel free to send your idea as a title and and what your list would include. No need to write a full list for idea approval.

Your chances of getting a list accepted increase dramatically if you can follow these guidelines:

  1. Please only send one article per email.
  2. Only place the article title as the subject line.
  3. Always include your paypal address at the end.
  4. Include your source links in the content, NOT at the end.
  5. Title your email with your list idea.
  6. Your list must have 10 items.
  7. Spell check and then spell check again.
  8. Format your list with descending numbers (10 to 1, with 1 being the highest rank).
  9. Introduction: all lists should have an introduction.
  10. Consistency: consistent heading names, consistent measurements (i.e. All empirical, not mixed up with metric), etc.
  11. Context: each item should answer who, what, where, when (where appropriate).
  12. Clarity: sentences should make sense, please proof and then proof again.
  13. Content: A) PG rated B) accurate: unless it’s an opinion – content should be backed up (if research was required it should mention the source as well as link to the source).
    Length: at least 1,500 – 2,000 words or more.
  14. Be original, we don’t publish lists from other sites.
  15. Be bizarre; the more odd the list is, the better.
  16. Before sending your list, ask yourself this question, “Does this article teach something most people don’t know?” If so, it is it probably a winner. If you are writing about well-known facts, we will most likely pass.

We will supply any graphics that would be needed, but if you think certain graphics should be included, please send us links.

We do NOT accept guest posts written for link building. We’ll give full credit and a link to your own site or blog if you have one (no commercial links). Get your 15 minutes of fame!

You can Email to admin@toptenz.net directly and attach your list. Please send your idea first and let us approve that. If you do send us a list, please send as a Word document.


How long does it take to know if your article was accepted?
Usually within 2 weeks. We only buy 30 or so per month at this time, so we must wait sometimes for the next month to start.

Will I know if my article is rejected?
Yes, we will inform you.

Do you ever request articles on ideas that you have?
Rarely, but even then only with my long-time writers or writers we feel know the topic.

How long from the time of acceptance to the time of payment?
We pay the same time of acceptance.

How do you prefer articles to be submitted, copy and paste emails or attachments?
An attached Word doc with source links embedded.

Do you have other writing opportunities besides the top ten lists?
None that pay. We do own FactFiend.com and CrackedHistory.com. Those are for link credit only at this time.

What information will you need from me to process payments?
Paypal address

Is there a limit to submissions?
No limit, but I can only buy 30 a month at this time. As the site grows more could be bought.
You are welcome to submit your idea before writing and see if it will be approved.

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If you want to help me out and push TT to the next level, please promote it when possible. How you ask?

By submitting your list, you agree that TopTenz.net has the full right to publish your list and that you are the author of this list. Furthermore, you agree that once your submitted list is published on Toptenz.net, Shell Harris (representing Toptenz.net) becomes the sole owner of all copyright, and publishing and other rights related to the list content. Unless specific permission is granted to the author, we do not allow republishing of articles that are submitted to Toptenz.net. This means you cannot publish your accepted submission on any other site without our permission. So don’t do it.