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  1. Ann Stafford
    Ann Stafford at |

    No one mentioned Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)!? He played Col Dan McReady and died about 15 minutes into the film. Don’t remember if he was wearing a red shirt, but he should have.

  2. Tau
    Tau at |

    Has no one seen Zombie Nightmare?

  3. Ben
    Ben at |

    Seriously overlooked was Adam West’s comedic portrayal in faux-cop drama in Fox’s “Danger Theatre” from circa 1991.

  4. Mal
    Mal at |

    Actually, Adam West had a terrific role in a film with Peter Weller and Judy Davis called “The New Age” – he plays a rich, seductive father who gives his son an NSF cheque when he asks him for help. Unfortunately, he was also in some softcore 80s low budget version of Lady Chatterly. I remember being shocked when he appeared in scene, to think that he was that desperate for work!

  5. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    He is really funny on family guy

  6. Reid
    Reid at |

    That’s mayor Chapstick to you!

  7. Jason O
    Jason O at |

    Nobody messes with Adam West.

  8. A. W. Fan
    A. W. Fan at |

    How could you ignore Mr. West’s Oscar-worthy romp in the Burt Reynolds classic, “Hooper”?

    1. Jim Ciscell
      Jim Ciscell at |

      any time you make out a list, there is going to be a ‘sin of omission’ or simply that the entry in question was considered farther down the line. When I met Mr. West in the late 1980s, we discussed his turn on murder she wrote as well the fact that he was often cast as a villain or heavy early in his career. mr west also did a bot of western work as well. crafting a list is parts what you know combined with what the audience reading would know. Appreciate the sharing on that example and i hope that all is sincerely well with your day. Thanks for tasking the timer to give input 🙂

      1. A. W. Fan
        A. W. Fan at |

        Thanks for your nicely serious reply to my extraordinarily tongue-in-cheek comment.


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