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13 Responses

  1. google at |

    TopTenzMaster, can you please ask your writers to make a list about the Worlds Weirdest laws? please? nice article by the way.

  2. rob_burn at |

    Could the writer please stop trying to be funny, and have more infomation about the said animals.
    It gets annoying…

    1. 5minutes at |

      On one hand, I agree. I would’ve loved to learn more about the animals from a technical standpoint.

      Having said that, we get plenty of technical lists around here. The humor of the last few have been a treat.

  3. rob_burn at |

    I agree. Did not mean to be offensive though.

  4. Jeremy at |

    Please do some better research. Number 10 is most definitely not a manta ray. While I cannot positively identify what type of ray it is (probably a stingray), I know without a doubt that it is not a manta.

    1. Karl Smallwood at |

      I’ll take your word on that, I’ll be honest for the first 10 minutes I was writing that entry I though it was a plastic bag.

    2. dude at |

      Phew. Thanksfor the info. Dont know if i couldve finished my day had you not cleared that one up.

  5. nicole at |

    That Hummingbird is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Lex at |

    I don’t know if there’s more information needed to be said about the animals on this list. I think it’s just right. Though, some of the jokes and sarcasm (perhaps) are over-the-top. Just an opinion; overall good job. Thank you.

  7. Anja at |

    Too sad that humans are named in a top 10 ANIMALS list…

  8. kits at |

    Albino snails aren’t unusual at all, they’re very common in pet giant african land snails. In fact, I have one myself!

  9. Heavens_Joke at |

    What do you think a human is? A plant? Air? We are all animals, just highly evolved and intelligent animals.

  10. Heavens_Joke at |

    I always know when I am reading an article by Karl. He has a very specific writing tone that I quite enjoy. Keep up the good work. Big fan.


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