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  • Jonathan

    There is one in the film ‘Futurama: Benders Big Score’ where I have noticed that the alien scammers are the most easy targets in the movie. Not really anyone attempted to kill them till the end. Even especially as everyone is banished from Earth, at the spaceport, no one (Out of over 7 billion people) are not eager enough to go after them. For the Plot, I’m not sure if its good or not.

  • ParusMajor

    About #2: although the crane kick seems like something that was developed just for the Karate Kid movie, it has in fact been used successfully by the mixed martial artist Lyoto Machida. Check this out:

    • Carlos R.

      The Barney Stinson character from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER said the same thing about the “illegal head kick” in a recent episode that featured Ralph Macchio. I thought he was jokingly saying that Daniel-san illegally used his head to “punch” Johnny’s foot, but I guess he was referring to this illegal move instead. Good catch HIMYM

  • 5minutes

    Yoda is 900 years old, not 100.

    Oh, and Marcellus Wallace gets his own donuts because he can.

    • Yeah, but Yoda only looks 100. We corrected this.

  • Steve

    Well, nobody wants to see a Stegosaurus, which had a brain the size of a walnut. Or that boring vegetarian one. Who`s name means “Good Mother Lizard.” you want to see T-Rex. The baddest thing that ever lived on the planet. When I was a kid, I loved T-Rex. Hell, I still do. I laughed like Hell when T-Rex ate that guy in Jurassic Park hiding in the toilet. To make things even better, the guy was a lawyer! So, who doesn`t want a T-Rex?

    • Ray the fox


  • MochaSpock

    In Time was an awful movie, but I don’t think T-Lake just gave all the time away. Pretty sure it was confiscated or used as currency as needed. In other words, I don’t think he had a choice in the matter. Still, just an awful movie. Could’ve been so good.

  • marc

    Yoda didn’t use the Force Push because not all Jedi know how to use it. How many times did Palpatine use it? Vader? Not everybody uses it. It’s like a martial art.

    • FMH

      But that’s like saying not anyone who knows Karate knows how to punch, isn’t it?

      • ParusMajor

        Yeah. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to punch or kick once you’ve learned it. You may get a bit rusty if you don’t actively train your skills, but you don’t forget. You never forget.

        • marc

          No, not everybody who rides a bike learns how to do wheelies, or bunny hops, or more elaborate tricks like 720s. A mountain biker may be able to traverse rough terrain but be terrible at doing half pipe tricks. A Tour De France winner may have no clue of how to ride down a mountain path safely. Even tandem bikes require different techniques that not every bicyclist knows about.
          And there are different martial arts. You may learn Karate but not Kung Fu, arguably two different skills with certain similarities.
          Luke never used the force push in any of the movies. He DID use the force PULL though. Similar in that each moves an object (telekinesis) but different in the direction the object is moved.

          • Tonster

            That doesn’t make one bit of sense. Force push is a basic technique. Why would all the most powerful Sith and Jedi somehow not know how to to do a basic move

            • marc

              Yoda never used it. Luke trained under Yoda, directly under Yoda. Yoda never taught him the push.

              Luke spent most of his training under Obi Wan just learning how to sense the force. On his own he only learned how to pull things towards him.

              Not every Jedi learns every skill.

          • Goerge

            Dude, this is so stupid. You jack a Yoda dolls balls off every night, we know.

    • FMH

      First, it’s ridiculous that the best Jedis wouldn’t be able to preform such a basic move like pushing, because they only learnt pulling. In the background, all of these techniques are summarized as Telekinesis. Second, a quick search showed that Yoda used Force Push in the fight against Darth Sidious, Luke in his duel with Darth Caedus (something out of the later books, which are canon, I think, but I don’t know). So I don’t know where you got that idea from, but it’s not from the official background.

    • FMH

      I just rewatched the fight between Darth Sidious and Yoda. Both use the push. Literally the first thing Yoda does in the scene, is pushing two guards against the wall, knocking them out.
      Vader used the push in his fights against Luke several times. Did you watch the movies at all?

      • marc

        do they? Sorry, I keep falling asleep when I watch the prequels.

        • FMH

          How do you do that? The obnoxious noises tend to keep me awake. But if you make any claims about Yoda using the Force, you have to include them, because in the original movies he doesn’t do very much at all – especially if you’re that specific about in which direction he can move an object. And there’s still Darth Vaders and Luke’s first fight, where it is used. In the second fight it might be objectonable.

          • marc

            Vader may use the push in ESB, but it makes sense. He’s a Sith Lord and they would do something so aggressive and violent.

            Making Yoda into a backflip-spinning-whirling Dervish Force pusher totally violates his character. He’s always about the calm.

  • Jonathan

    The reason that Marcellus got his own donuts is because only he and Vincent were in Butch’s apartment waiting for Butch’s return. We surmise this because when Butch is in the apt and sees the gun on the counter, that is most likely Marcellus’ gun that he left there to get donuts while Vincent used the bathroom. Since the assumed that he would be coming to the house, it was reasonable to think that one of them in the house would be able to shoot Vincent while the other got post murder donut. Plus, would you want to be the guy who came back with a kruller when Marcellus clearly wanted chocolate sprinkles! 🙂

    • Pedro Urrutia


  • Rick

    LOL @ Awsomely. I’ll have to add that word to my vocabulary.

  • Matt

    Why did Marcellus buy his own donuts? Really? That’s the burning question from Pulp Fiction?

    Ok, I’ll play along.

    Because he didn’t have any cash and only had a credit/debit card, and he knew that in the 90’s people would check his ID, so he couldn’t have sent Vincent to get the donuts. Plus, why would you pay a professional killer to go get donuts when you both are waiting to actually KILL someone? You leave the ‘professional killer’ you are paying good money to sit and wait for the mark and you buck up and walk to the donut shop.

    Wealthy people actually DO pump their own gas, go to the grocery store and go to the ATM. It wasn’t like Marcellus was Donald Trump. He was a small time boxing promoter who was dabbling with some shady criminal stuff on the side. Look at his other associates. Four college students, a family that owns a junk yard, a couple of low level assassins, some washed up boxers, a guy who’s wife is the breadwinner in the household and some lone wolf who can’t get out of a boring cocktail party unless work calls.

    • Pedro Urrutia

      You’re right

  • Stefan

    To the author of this article, the fact you’ve compiled this list suggests that you either didn’t watch or didn’t understand these movies because if you had watched them and understood them then you’d know exactly why all these things happened.

    • Stan

      I came to the very same opinion after just reading the author first movie pick.Why did they bring back dangerous dinasours.?The answer is a no brainer,because they knew the public would want to see them and that they thought they could control them.
      Also, in real life we put animals just as dangerous as T-rex( if not as big) in zoo’s and open parks today and sometimes they get loose and people get hurt or killed.We take people on safari into lion infested africa for the thrill of it and sometimes those folk get maimed and killed and we still do it, so killer dinosaurs isn’t that stupid at all.Also,if the author had taken the time to see the movie,the question of safety measures was raised and explained but just as in real life it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.
      In all this was not that good an example of the art of how to write an article.

      • Stefan

        Yeah and can you imagine the character of John Hammond being able to actually stop and be content with only going so far as bringing back the vegetarian dinosaurs to life? Of course not, his ego and ambition are way too big for that. That’s exactly why the film works. His character is written perfectly.

        As for the Yoda argument I really don’t want to get into the nitty gritty here but every time someone uses the force to push/pull/manipulate a large object it requires intense concentration and takes a couple of seconds before anything happens. There’s no way he could suddenly just push the falling pillar out of the way in a split second when it was dropping so fast. It might move a little but it would still turn obi wan and anakin into jam.

  • meeerol

    i won’t spend words trying to correct the author…i’ll just assume that he (or she) is an attention whore who didn’t see any of the movies listed above.

  • Ronnie

    “Dodge this” was way cooler than just shooting him after the action before Trinity shoots him. Come one man, get a grip!

  • Mihai Frant

    In Demolition Man’s case (why did Cocteau not revived Spartan ?), it’s simply – because Spartan is the hero, a strong cop with immense spine pride, and sense of morality and righteousness and eventually it wouldn’t have worked at all this way…Cocteau was that afraid of doing this…Cocteau was afraid of John Spartan and he would have never thought of any comeback of the man…this was the nightmare he never thought he would live, he knew very well who Spartan was and all his history in the police force. But on the other hand Phoenix should have been the perfect method….it just seems that the Doctor underestimated THAT MUCH the level of sociopathy the he had and this also demonstrates his stupidity after all…he could have very well think carefully about Phoenix too but he didn’t… it’s that simple !