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  • Foetus

    Rogert Ebert and Rolan Emmerich FFS

    • Johnny Chimpo

      Of course you mean Roger Ebert and Roland Emmerich.

      FFS, indeed.

  • mrclam

    “George Lucas is one of those people who need no introduction. After all, he’s responsible for a couple of famous films, some of which you might even have heard of, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and E.T.”

    I guess he DOES need an introduction, as he was not responsible for E.T.

    • Jason

      He wasn’t directly responsible for E.T., but his special effects house ILM sure as hell was heavily involved in it.

      • mrclam

        So, George Lucas owned a business that was hired to work on a film that he didn’t write, produce, or direct. Also, he didn’t actually DO any of the special effects himself. In fact, Lucas had no personal involvement in the film whatsoever, but he WAS somehow “responsible” for ET. Got it. My mistake.

  • Ian

    The rainbow house is AMAZING. I LOVE IT