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  • Andrew Bill

    Awesome list! Still love The Simpsons even if others think it needs to be put out of it’s supposed misery.

  • ash333

    Old Gil.. How can you not include Old Gil?

    • Because even with a list of losers in Springfield, old Gil still can’t catch a break.

  • Mark

    I’m sorry but the most depressing character is Millhouse’s dad. Wins hands down. A 40 something man who sleeps in a red racing car, divorced and tried commiting suicide a few times has to win this list

    • Mark

      Kirk Van Houten – Couldn’t think of his name.

      Comic book guy could’ve made the list too

      • Mark

        And Moe

        • Mark

          Even snowball the cat 2

          I’ll stop now

  • schuyler

    Locker Room Towel Fight: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll

  • Ronan

    Hans Moleman?
    My name is Hans. Drinking has ruined my life. I’m 31 years old!
    Also he has many near death experiences

  • Lucas

    Lisa is eight years old, not seven. If you’re going to make these dreadful lists (I mean, really, Dolph at number 1?), get your facts right.

  • Emily

    How is Nelson not on this list? Have you seen his home life?

  • Kich

    I need to watch the four seasons I have on DVD now to catch all these and hopefully more…

    The O in ‘On’ in entry six after ‘How I Met Your Strummer’ is italicized.

  • Lily

    Don’t forget, Kearney also has a child, so he’s a single dad too.