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  • Kranger

    Seagulls aren’t really that hard to beat in a fight. All you have to do is blast the song “I ran,” by Flock of Seagulls and it signals them to run away (fly away).

  • MadScott

    The spur on a cassowary will not only scratch but disembowel you. Not a good way to end the day.

    • Dave Allen

      Cassowary is #1. Not sold on the other 9 outside of an upset ostrich.. Owl? Fine. Snowy owl? Really? Try the Great Horned Owl.

  • Some of these we have in our area. Scary!

  • AJ

    ostriches would be so terrifying if they could fly

  • Flu-Bird

    Look out for those CADDOWARIES they dont like being intimadated and they have a real big time attatude

  • Maeghan

    I’m really surprised mockingbirds didn’t make the list.

    Living in Dallas, I’ve been attacked numerous times by the little bastards during mating and nesting season. I have to avoid a park behind my house because of it! The worst part is it’s illegal to cause harm to them in Texas because it’s our state bird. 🙁

  • St louis attractions

    Looking at the Philippine eagle in photo 6 make you wonder just whatâ??s going on inside its head.

  • Elvin

    This is an interesting list. Going on a different tangent somewhat, not all birds that can be considered menacing or downright irritating are birds of prey.

  • RollonGroundLaughing

    hahahaha…wtf? the only birds on this list that could do real damage are the ostrich & rhea. even the feeblest, geriatric, old granny could get out of her sick bed to fend off a seagull. and what’s that you say about hawks? they can grip and carry animals up to 4lbs in weight? hahaha. whaaat? really? FOUR WHOLE POUNDS??? scaaaary. and owls can weigh up to 5lbs and have prickly toes. whoooah, i’ll never go outside at night again, hahahahahahaha. as for cassowaries; they’re cute but c’mon… if one attacked you it’d be out cold in 2 kicks!……. birds (shakes head & rolls eyes)

  • Rose

    Good list. However you forgot the swan. Granted, almost any bird can do you damage if it is determined enough, but most people consider the swan a graceful and delicate animal, and discount the damage that it can really do.

  • GS

    Why no Albatross? 11 foot wingspan man!

  • Flu-Bird

    Be very,very carful with cassowaries they can kill a person with those claws and what about the KIWI these birds have realy sharp claws on their feet and they,ll lay on their backs and slash when their cornred

  • Flu-Bird

    Seagull anyone who has ever seen Hitchcocks classic movie THE BIRDS knows what gulls can do to your hands

  • That Guy

    Amusing, yes. True, not quite. If by dangerous to humans you mean dangerous to small children, sure. There’s not a single bird that could injure me in a fight or any other capable human for that matter. Even Ostriches, you could just wrestle it to the ground and break its neck with ease. Unless the bird has the element of surprise on its side, I personally wouldn’t worry about any single bird on this list. If pterodactyls were birds, then that would be the only one that could be considered dangerous, at least to capable people.

  • Spurwing Plover

    The seagulls kinds of reminds you of Alfred Hitchcosks classic movie THE BIRDS and beware of the cassowary they can kill a person i understand

  • Ifti

    If sea gulls can make it here why not raven. They are scary man and one peck on neck will leave u bloodied.

  • Lisa

    Lol that ostrich video is scary

  • Flu-Bird

    The Spurwing Plover or Masked Lapwing will divebomb or attck anytone who comes too close to its nest the Capercalli from europe with attack anything that it encounters especialy the males during the mating season