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6 Responses

  1. Matt at |

    Why on earth would someone want a Taco Bell speedo lol at least to for McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it”

    1. jawathehutt at |

      to high school swimmers, taco bell is the finest of cuisines. Its just a swimmer thing.

  2. Extine at |

    I’m not sure how the writer can garner that Howard Kurtz is somehow bad at marketing while he runs one of the most successful, philanthropic, and socially active companies in America, but whatever.

    Also, kids in high school wear speedos all the time, with all types of designs and logos on them. I’m not sure when it became inappropriate to gift someone free swimwear…

    1. Extine at |

      Apologies: Schultz, not Kurtz. Not sure where I got that from…

  3. David at |

    Hogan`s Heroes`s

  4. David at |

    Apolcalypse now is Kurtz lol


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