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  1. David Sidhu
    David Sidhu at |

    This was incredibly written!!! I expected maybe something in the style of Cracked but this was so well done!

  2. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    I agree with you David. I love the “Cracked” style, facts with humor. I enjoyed this one, well written…

    P.S. “Sorry” should have been included in this list (yes, there’s always a critic, I apologize!). Nothing angered me more than being on the home stretch and getting my piece sent back home then waiting for one of two cards out of an entire stack to just pull him back out.

  3. Xax
    Xax at |

    I was at a party once when, in a haze of booze, two of my friends decided to play Risk. An hour later, they ended up outside beating the stuffing out of one another. Which leads to the moral of the story, Risk is Dangerous.

  4. Topher
    Topher at |

    When I saw the title of this list, I thought it was going to be boring or stupid. But David is exactly right. This is one of my favorite lists on Top Tenz! I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor, and so many descriptions & comments about the games are perfectly spot on!

  5. GQ
    GQ at |

    Loved this list! Monopoly and Risk are definitely games to be avoided. I’d also include Taboo. Friends of mine argue over whether you can use words that rhyme, pieces of the word (if the word is friendly, friend should/shouldn’t be in play), and whether or not hand gestures should be allowed. The fact that we usually play guys vs girls doesn’t help either, as we’re couples before the game and almost broken up once we finish

  6. teendetectivekc
    teendetectivekc at |

    i totally agree with you n monopoly. I wished you added life because i had a few fights from that game.

  7. chinecar
    chinecar at |

    The fact that we usually play guys vs girls doesn’t help either, as we’re couples before the game and almost broken up once we finish

  8. Kevin H
    Kevin H at |

    I agree with your list, but you left out UNO. After an hour of UNO you’re ready to punch your grandma in the face after the 8th time she lays a Draw 4 on you.

    1. stephwoo286
      stephwoo286 at |

      Second on Uno. I ran into problems with one group of friends when the it turned out my house interpreted the rules completely differently. Our version of Uno was already pretty harsh, but theirs was just sinisterly mean.

      It was also probably completely the way you were supposed to play.

  9. Bor
    Bor at |

    OMG I was always the guy in Australia in Risk! lol

  10. Jenni
    Jenni at |

    My brother bought this game when it first came out and EVERY time we played my mother would win…(it blew my mind that you mentioned it)she has been married to an Australian for 11 years now, true story.

  11. stephwoo286
    stephwoo286 at |

    Someone over the weekend asked ‘why does every house have Jenga’. It’s because it’s so simple you can’t lose friends over it. It’s a great leveller where all you can do is curse gravity and move on.

  12. CynicalFatigue
    CynicalFatigue at |

    Probably the most accurate ‘top …’/ ‘best …’ lists I have read to date. Of course, any list can be debated, but the lineup you chose is so solid that you could write a full article on the exquisite agonies involved in each one of these…LoL. ….the clueless risk player who makes mathematics play twister- G-d protects the clueless, that is abundantly clear :-). the friend who is a good guy but c’mon, the rules aren’t that complicated (ala your battleship buffoon- but it happens in other games of course)… and then there are the ones who genuinely, truly, have you gaping in wonder (mentally of course—-well, except for that time when you just couldn’t keep it in…>>> the damage control takes months, even years, of careful work after that… On the other hand, sometimes they just don’t get your outburst either!– a lucky thing for all involved 😉 ) *So much more we all could say…and yet we all GOT it right away, so Kudos on a fantastic analysis.*

  13. Shannon
    Shannon at |

    Hahaha, i played settlers with my boyfriend and i stabbed him in the back when I made an awesome move. He threatened to break up with me. Thats why I am never playing Settlers with anyone again.

  14. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    I was really expecting “Sorry” to be No. 1. When someone holds that little bell up to your face and rings it vigorously and goes, “Ssssoooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy,” there is a real desire to knock them off the chair. We usually played without the bell because it was always broken from being knocked out of people’s hands. Some people get really mean with this game.

  15. Edster1789
    Edster1789 at |

    You forgot the game of Life

  16. Josh
    Josh at |

    It’s nice to see at least some representation of less well known games like Settlers of Catan. I’d also recommend trying games like Puerto Rico, though.

  17. Vycamros
    Vycamros at |

    Diplomacy never gets the respect it deserves. I’ve owned a copy for three years and I’ve played it probably five or six times. Almost every time I’ve played it I’ve lost a friend. It’s an evil, evil game but it’s so much fun to play.

    Also, if you think Risk is bad, try Risk 2210 A.D. or Risk: Godstorm

  18. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    For those who keep saying that Sorry should be on this list, it already is, it’s called Parcheesi.


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