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  1. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    i remember the 1998-1999 back-to-back films of saving private ryan and the thin red line. it was a year of three’s i guess because you also had the antz/bug’s life thing as well as the armageddon/deep impact fiasco.

    funny thing is that i liked all those movies (except for armageddon. areosmith ruined that for me…)

    the thing with the two war films is like what you stated, timing. of course who would deny a new film from terrance malick after a, what was it, 20 year absence from movie making?

    oh, and SPR should have won best pictue, but that’s a debate for another time. lol

  2. TeblorTribe
    TeblorTribe at |

    While Listverse recently released a live with the same premise most of these entries are different so i enjoyed reading it.

    there are plenty more throughout cinema history if you ever think of doing a sequel. (maybe focusing on squeals?) I’m just kidding there may not be enough material there.

  3. Avid Reader
    Avid Reader at |

    Honorable mentions: The Prestige vs The illusionist, Dantes Peak vs Volcano and Iron Eagle vs Top Gun…

  4. Fred
    Fred at |

    When I first read the topic, I immediately thought of the dueling Steve Prefontaine movies, 1997’s Prefontaine & 1998’s Without Limits.

    1. Jim Ciscell
      Jim Ciscell at |

      Now that you mention the Prefonatine movies, I remember thinking that it was an intresting phenomenon at the time. I was a religious reader of Entertainment Weekly and they reported on it when it went on. I think I willgo back and research that on for my own enjoyment if nothing else. Thanks for the rememberance!

  5. Peter
    Peter at |

    A good one could have been “friends with benefits” and “no strings attached” both released around the same time

  6. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    Wyatt Earp and Tombstone are both quite good.

  7. daddyostjames
    daddyostjames at |

    ?and let us not forget “finding nemo” versus “a shark’s tale”??

  8. Emily
    Emily at |

    Totally Forgot The Illusiont/The Prestige

  9. Jim Ribs
    Jim Ribs at |

    Bloodsport and Rain Man

  10. Steve C
    Steve C at |

    My favorite battle was the 1989 underwater movie race: The Abyss, Deepstar 6, Leviathan. THREE movies. Crazy.


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