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  1. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I just have to think about 'the gentlemen' and i get the creeps – they were a cool tribute to the scariest silent movie ever, too (Nosferatu).

  2. Saje Williams
    Saje Williams at |

    I have to say that out of all of them, the Mayor was my favorite Buffy villain, with Spike coming in a close second. The Mayor was so not the cliche villain, considering that he was remarkably good to his minions, especially Faith. Spike just had some of the best lines in the show, bar none.

    Great list.

    1. Oscar
      Oscar at |

      The mayor was definitely the best of the villains. I think that Willow should get an honorable mention for when she goes crazy after Tara dies

  3. Brent
    Brent at |

    What about the judge? It was when angel was evil

  4. noel
    noel at |

    when Angel lost his humanty he bacame Angelius(the name he went by when he first was changed into a vampire and killed indescriminently) so you cant call Angel a villain because that persona was in no way in controll during the killing.

  5. Megan
    Megan at |

    Decent list. I would've really liked to see Willow or Faith on here. They were both definately better villains than Adam. I thought he was the most boring of all the villains.

  6. Beatrice
    Beatrice at |

    What, no Dark Willow? She was the most terrifying and riveting, can't-pull-my-eyes-away-from-the-screen villain of the series IMO.

  7. Seth
    Seth at |

    Dark Willow is not as memorable as Adam? Debatable. Also, if we are going off creepy factor, I personally think that Der Kindestod from Season 2 should be on here. Not only did it look like Freddy Krueger on steroids and devour the souls of children, but its eyes turn into little leech things that extend from its head. Always found that frightening. He's scarier to me than the Gentlemen. They just float around, stare at you, and smile. They're like glorified Walmart greeters.

  8. Steve
    Steve at |

    This list is for the most part horrible (IMO). The Master was one of the lamest villains ever, Adam was a joke, and Glory was just annoying. Spike and Dru had the most personality, and Angelus definitely deserves first.

  9. Holly
    Holly at |

    Love your list! Angelus definitely deserved to be number one! It’s funny how the gypsies cursed him with a soul, but decided that if he experienced a moment of perfect happiness, he would lose his soul. What’s up with that? The whole point of the curse was to punish him by making him feel guilty about killing all the people he did. If he’s able to lose his soul again, what’s the point of restoring his soul originally. The whole idea was to punish him. If they allow him to lose his soul, that’s kind of defeats the purpose of them restoring his soul. He just becomes the soulless monster he was before the curse. Well, at least Willow was able to restore his soul, even if it was a little late.

  10. belle
    belle at |

    no dark Willow… this is just SAD!!! Willow’s the best villain because she’s the only bad guy that had a reason to be bad, you know the whole Tara died thing and the overload of dark magic stuff plus how hard is it to fight your best friend come on!! shes the only villain in the show that had a reason to go black-eyed-vainy and go destroy the world… and its creepy to see someone turn dark and evil from sweet and innocent 🙂

  11. Bob
    Bob at |

    What about the first??

  12. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    When I started thinking about this, I realized that Buffy villains ared often not complete in themselves. So many of my picks involve two or more. They only really stand out as a coalition.

    The FIRST should have been first. I mean, if you’re going to have Caleb… INclude him as part of the FIRST. Dark Willow should have been second. Easily. And third, of course, goes to The Gentlemen. Angelus only ranks fourth because we all knew he’d be a good guy again before long. Fifth, the Mayor and Faith and Mr. Trick. Sixth, the swim team coach who didn’t hesitate to provide girls for his boys to rape, murder and eat. Seventh, Spike. I would include Drusilla in Spike’s evil because her fantasies dont really have any impact unless she has someone like Spike to react to them. Adam, the triumvirate and Ethan Rayne round things out. Dracula, great as he was, didn’t make the… cut.

    What’s really fascinating about the Buffy series is that good and evil occur in extremes in every individual.

  13. Jizzamie
    Jizzamie at |

    Any list with Buffy in it is all right by me 🙂

  14. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    You know who I thought was scary? Kralik. That vampire in the episode where they do the watcher test on Buffy. Eeek…a vampire who was a serial kill, who killed and at his own mother before he became a vampire. Much scarier than a lot on this list, That guy gave me the heebie jeebies!

  15. Morto
    Morto at |

    Angelus really deserves the first place, he knew how to hurt people, he not only terrorized buffy but also destroyed his heart.

  16. Beatrice
    Beatrice at |

    good list only because it’s Buffy related! But I dont agree with some of these! First off, the master was way lame! Does not deserve a spot!
    Second, it’s Angelus…Angel is not a villain, he was only as Angelus…and deserves to be way higher up on this list! Third…no dark willow?? Cmon!
    and how about Faith?!
    and last but no least…and the most important one…The first! I mean its the ultimate villain, sunnydale is no more because of the First!

    I will also mention that since Spike saved the world and all and became a champion, should be removed off this list! Love the character, but the guy got him self a soul! Unlike Angel he seeked it out, for love! He is no villain anymore but a hero!

  17. Beatrice
    Beatrice at |

    …I forgot to mention Gnarl…season 7 buffy when Willow returns from england and accidently casts a spell on her self so that no one can see her. She gets trapped in this cave and this creepy Gollum looking creature paralizes her with it’s fingernails and starts to skin her alive strip by strip…lapping up any blood and eating strips of her skin, making eery slurply sounds! **shivers** gah creepiest episode ever!
    Gnarl deserves a spot! just for being dang creepy!


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