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  • smalltowngirl

    I grew up in a small town and our high school mascot was the indians.
    We got free tootsie pops at the auto parts store as well as the movie rental store if we could come in with an Indian on the wrapper.

    I always just thought it was my small town.
    Good to know the entire world has been searching for Indians on their wrappers!

  • I love urban legends and I will admit that candy cane one was told to me by very insistent nuns throughout grammar school.

  • Anthony

    Number 1 must be the whole reason people today don’t go door-to-door trick-or-treating anymore. It’s all done in malls, businesses, and food chains now. My parents were careful with us and our candy, and I don’t know of anyone who ever fell victim to candy-tampering, but even to this day, I still don’t understand what the *heck would compel anyone to sneak razor blades, needles, drugs, poisons, or harmful things into kids’ Halloween candy in the first place…

    • metoo124

      it’s people who want to hurt or kill someone but don’t want to get caught, that’s who.