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  1. Collin Lloyd
    Collin Lloyd at |

    Why isn't the chocolate will give you acne one?

    1. Lou
      Lou at |

      Because it’s a fact that in some people, increased sugar intake will cause a breakout. Chocolate is just one of the most popular ways to consume sugar.

  2. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    I really haven't heard most of these. I have heard the one where pop rocks and Coca-Cola if consumed together will kill you. But that is a myth.

  3. karolina
    karolina at |

    i had a similar result w/ a jawbreaker when I washed jeans with one in my pocket. The spot is stiff and dark while the pocket is glued & won't open anymore. Found the wrapping unopened with an orange liquid (the flavor I guess)..yucky..I guess it had to do with the hot water and the movement/friction of washing machine…

    1. jdflip19
      jdflip19 at |

      What kind of idiot does not notice a jawbreaker in their jeans pocket before washing it?!?! You totally deserved it then

  4. Gwydion
    Gwydion at |

    I just thought I'd point out that it's not the EATING of the color green, but the VISUAL aspect of the color that is an aphrodisiac for males.

  5. Phil E. Drifter
    Phil E. Drifter at |

    That green m&m is hot.

  6. chocolatezen
    chocolatezen at |

    I live in Cali.I had a good friend growing up that received a bag of peanut M&M's while trick or treating. She ate them while walking and a short time later became ill. It turned out that they had been tampered with. We informed the police, they took the bag and later told her parents that it was LSD. A few years later after trick or treating with my sister my aunt was going through our candy to weed out any potential hazards and found a small tear in a candy bar. My mom was strict about the no opened/torn wrappers rule and it had to go in the trash pile but my aunt didn't actually believe there was any real danger. She opened it and broke it in half to pop part of it in her mouth and there was a sewing needle inside. We informed police that time as well. I don't know what has to be done to make an occurrence like this 'documented' but some people are just strange and things do happen. I check my little guys candy every year.

    1. eric
      eric at |

      you sure lived a messed up childhood

      1. metoo124
        metoo124 at |

        yup, i have also found razor blades, and heard stories of kids in my neighborhood being hospitalized by poisoned halloween candy. it makes sense. it IS documented. just because u read somewhere on the internet that there isn’t a documented case. doesn’t make it true. plus, it’s only basic logic and deduction. Some halloween candy every year is tampered with with some malicious intent i guarantee it. I myself besides the razor blade, have found candy a few times where a small needle sized hole was in the wrapper AND the candy under the wrapper in the same spot. we always check our candy because it HAS happened around here to me and others. Hmm…

  7. Remy
    Remy at |

    I love that Indian star one… i used to collect them and i never got around to sending them in haha.

    And collin, Chocolate does give you acne by getting on your face. Washing up after eating chocolate will stop the acne.

  8. rhobere
    rhobere at |

    I've definitely gotten a bunch of free suckers. JUST DON'T SEND THEM IN.

    Most stores will give you free ones. I used to take those things back to the grocery store all the time and the people that worked there gave them to me for free. This was straight up to me being about 17 years old.

  9. Jerms
    Jerms at |

    I, also, have gotten many free suckers. As a child, I would simply take the "First Nation Chief"(trying to keep it politically correct) wrappers in to the convenience store, and would walk out a happy lollipop-licking camper.

    1. Me
      Me at |

      Also known as Native Americans.

      1. metoo124
        metoo124 at |

        i also know many kids and family member that knew of stores that if you collect 10 indian boy star wrappers they gave you a free one. so it’s true and not true because supposedly the company didn’t do it, yet there are stories that they did sometimes … hmmmm…..

  10. kellybob
    kellybob at |

    i remember going to this little market by my house when i was a kid that would give u a free tootsie pop if you had a wrapper with the indian shooting the star. so that one's true

  11. jaffa
    jaffa at |

    Did you even see the mythbusters episode? It's all explained on there, dude.

  12. grumula
    grumula at |

    i heard that snickers bars make you racist and infertile…….anyone??…….

  13. NussJunk
    NussJunk at |

    Instead of razor blades and lsd, people should be sneaking diet pills into Halloween candy.

  14. Ducky
    Ducky at |

    everyone else just got stuck with only getting one sucker? i milked that for all it was worth. i brought my wrappers in and came out of the store with a whole bag for every wrapper.

  15. glasgowjohn
    glasgowjohn at |

    WOW!!!!!! are you americans gullible or what

    1. Kenzer
      Kenzer at |

      WOW!!!! Are you frenchies rude or what?!

      1. Mike
        Mike at |

        Glasgow is in Scotland. Should have been "are you limeys rude" or something along those lines. Silly american geography.

  16. kimmy
    kimmy at |

    I did service work at Hostess in Cambridge, Ontario 30+ years ago where they made pop rocks. They gave a worker by the potato fryer line a pop rock the size of a golf ball. He put it in his mouth and bit down. On top of that, he had dentures. End result: His dentures flew out and ended out under the fryer line. Everyone had a good laugh about the incidence.

    Every so often I remember it and I have a quiet chuckle.

  17. Sara
    Sara at |

    The Lifesavers myth may be false, but I have choked on a lifesaver as a small child and had it lodged with the hole perfectly so that it got stuck…Which in fact was worse than getting actually stuck because it was harder to dislodge without the air pressure.

  18. Bee
    Bee at |

    ThereHAVE been reported candy deaths in Newfoundland Canada

    (where i live)

    in mount pearl, a young couple were handing out candy spiked with oxy-codon and vicodon

    a 4 year old girl, whos parents i assume weren't looking through the candy, AS ME PARENTS ALWAYS DID, and i still do, ate 5 peices of this candy and her little body couldn't handle the drugs, she died in hospital almost 4 hours after, even after having her stomach pumped.

    SO that halloween one is true…

  19. nolan
    nolan at |

    technically the pop rocks and soda is right your stomach

    (if you have like 2pounds of pop rocks and 4 gallons of soda) your stomach will burst and you will die

    1. Fuji
      Fuji at |

      I’m pretty sure if you drank 4 gallons of anything, you’d either vomit or break something, pop rocks aside.

  20. Beth
    Beth at |

    For about 10 years when I was a kid, a local gas station did indeed give you a free tootsie pop if you gave them a wrapper with a star on it (they really didn't care if the chief was on it)

    My friends and I used to always have a wrapper in our pocket so that should we go to the gas station and not have any money, we could all still have a treat.

    1. metoo124
      metoo124 at |

      yea that’s how the stores around here worked. If you had the entire star on the wrapper you would get a free one. and I can’t remember if it was 50 or 100 but if you had a certain amount, they would give you an unopened box of them! =)

  21. Petra
    Petra at |

    The slogan, there's something about the green M&M refers to the fact that she is the only female. Not that its an aphrodesiac.

  22. Claire McGovern
    Claire McGovern at |

    My favourite urban myth is the one about the creatures spotted walking around Tokyo.

    They made a documentary about it:


  23. taramarriee
    taramarriee at |

    The M&M Aphrodisiac isn’t a myth – it’s actually a marketing ploy. The M&M company released the new m&m character SAYING she’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac; they even got Pamela Anderson to help promote it. :l
    Doesn’t anyone remember when they came out..?

  24. FMH
    FMH at |

    There is a German caffinated chocolate, maybe your roommate mixed that up

  25. Thamios
    Thamios at |

    I’ve gotta disagree with you on Number 1, there. Although you may not be able to find it on the internet currently, I know for a fact (and my dad remembers very well, too) one time when I was being driven back home from my friends one halloween. We had gone trick-or-treating, and my dad was saying I couldn’t eat candy til he checks it. Soon after he says that, a story comes on the radio… Of a kid who was hospitalized that evening for biting into a candy bar that had a razor blade in it. It was even in the papers the next day.

    Just cause the internet says “No” doesn’t mean it’s true. I’ve seen wikipedia say Video Games were created by God, and that’s on the internet, so does that mean THAT’S true too? (If so, I need to get back to church)

  26. smalltowngirl
    smalltowngirl at |

    I grew up in a small town and our high school mascot was the indians.
    We got free tootsie pops at the auto parts store as well as the movie rental store if we could come in with an Indian on the wrapper.

    I always just thought it was my small town.
    Good to know the entire world has been searching for Indians on their wrappers!

  27. Donna Cavanagh
    Donna Cavanagh at |

    I love urban legends and I will admit that candy cane one was told to me by very insistent nuns throughout grammar school.

  28. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    Number 1 must be the whole reason people today don’t go door-to-door trick-or-treating anymore. It’s all done in malls, businesses, and food chains now. My parents were careful with us and our candy, and I don’t know of anyone who ever fell victim to candy-tampering, but even to this day, I still don’t understand what the *heck would compel anyone to sneak razor blades, needles, drugs, poisons, or harmful things into kids’ Halloween candy in the first place…

    1. metoo124
      metoo124 at |

      it’s people who want to hurt or kill someone but don’t want to get caught, that’s who.


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