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  • RetroGamer

    What about the media (mainly Fox News) ranting and raving about the full on hardcore s-e-x scene in the video game Mass Effect? When in reality it was pretty much just PG13. In fact, I think Christina Aguilera has shown more skin & sideboob on TV lately than Mass Effect had in the whole game.

  • Dennis

    Great list. I would also add “Watergate” when the liberal press went bonkers over nothing. In light of the crimes commited by other presidents such as Clinton,George W. Bush and Allah Obama, Richard Nixon was a shining light of purity.

    • David

      “Crimes” of clinton, bush, and obama? elaborate

  • Peter Boucher

    Regarding No. 7, “The Death Of A Celebrity” You have listed Davy Jones, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Since they were all musicians, let us not forget the legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose as he just died last week from Prostate Cancer at the age of 64. And here’s a good one for you that you missed. Back in the early 1980’s with Geraldo Rivera wasting 3 hours of TV airtime by having a crew jack-hammer and bulldozers to try to see what was in Al Capone’s “Secret Basement”. Maybe money or corpses………It was completely empty. That was just plain ol’ media stupidity………

    • jennifer stewart

      oh my god i remember that what ever happened i sent too bed early that night but you’re right the media is annoying and irritating bye

  • This list could easily be extended(maybe a part 2 of it in the future?)to squeez in quite a few more but i couldnt agree more. I think here in the uk the H1N1(swine flu)would of been number 1 in the list, our gov waisted 2 billion on vaccines for it and turnd out they didn’t need it, the media were acting like it was the end of the world and most people didn’t give a sh*t and everytime they come out with some article on news sites about some new disease, people just take the piss…(were doomed, WERE DOOMED)…

    • brian

      yes, the normal flu is much more deadly

  • thylacine

    What about climate change (formerly global warming). People have completely lost their minds over this issue. The media love apocolyptic stories because it sells adverts.

    • Dennis

      Thylacine% : I agree with you 100%–

      • Dennis

        Another Example: While the people were paying no mind to it, The Main Stream Media was going ballistic over some old fart who predicted the world was going to end on Oct. 21st last autumn.-And the list goes on–Global Warming, Anna Nicle Smith,The Runaway Bride,Michael Jackson mania, Killer Bees from Mexico, mad cow disease, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.-It’s all about the money from advertising–People murder their own children fairly regulary, (sadly), but the news media picks out a nitwit girl from Florida to focus on because of the “glamor factor”-More and more of thr regular people (like myself) tell me they are getting sick of it.–

  • Lou

    “Unlimited unironic praise and humility is shoveled on the corpses of celebrities who were either washed-up or lived like deranged drug addicts, and were used as nothing but comedic material so long as they were still kicking. But once they finally kick the bucket, all heads are down and all snickering is muted for accusations of disgraceful or disrespectful conduct. Oh, how death results in so many 180 degree turns, lies we tell ourselves to pardon our previous selves.”

    Speak for yourself. Although I was no fan of Whitney Houston’s music or her personally (I thought she was conceited beyond belief), I never found her drug addiction (or Amy Winehouse’s) a laughing matter. I instead found the slides of undeniably talented people horrbly sad and tragic, even if they brought it on themselves.

  • jennifer stewart

    well the media isn’t the media if it’s not playing or pandering too people who literally have no live’s bye and by that i mean they literally wait for something sensational too come along and jump on it bye

  • jennyct

    An elderly woman in a nearby town died from anthrax she caught opening her mail. And the post office in MY town had a distribution center where the anthrax was found on the ceiling of the plant (her mail went through). It was too close for my comfort.