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19 Responses

  1. auto devis at |

    Tron guy is a little sad

    1. MunnFan at |

      Tron guy is freaking awesome! Thank you for putting him #1, I was hoping that when I saw the list title.

  2. ThePenguin at |

    First of all,that is Bubbles,you silly billy
    Second of all,you clearly didn’t watch the episode where those 3 thugs dress as the PPG to rob banks easily

    Source : Childhood

    1. Karl Smallwood at |

      Crap, I realised that while reading through this.

      I’ve messaged the editor to fix the mistake.

      1. TopTenz Master at |

        And I have.

  3. marc at |

    Don’t know if you heard of this one, but I met Robot Frank at a campus radio station Christmas party while I was in college.

  4. Shoboni at |

    How is the snake costume “bad”?

  5. David Verney at |

    Wolverine Guy looks Jewish

    1. brian at |

      Ya dont say?

  6. John at |

    Thanks for the list, it made me laugh.

  7. Jim at |


  8. Martinho at |

    Awesome top 10, thanks for this. I am at work right now and I absolutely lost my s*** when I saw the Hulk picture. It was funny because I noticed it right away as chill went down my spine, then I scrolled down a little bit and clearly the editor of this saw what I saw in the Hulk. That is what made it so funny.. no way was that child-stealing version of the Hulk going to slip by. “Once seen, can never be unseen”. “He feeds only on screams”. DIED at work. LOL!

  9. Word Solver at |

    Great top ten, I’ve just discovered this site and I have to say I love it! So far this has been my favorite! What were they thinking haha Mind you I once went dressed up as an apple : It was an epic fail.

  10. WTF at |

    Tron Guy looks like a pedo.

  11. Jen at |

    There was an episode of power puff girls where 3 inmates dress as the power power puff girls.

  12. Traz Min Diddidliazz at |

    Seriously, this article is amazing, can we get a part two?

  13. Hoobly Gook at |

    I’m sad the Traffic Cone Patrick Star isn’t on this list.


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