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  1. Chris
    Chris at |

    Sorry, but you won’t find many people in Brazil speaking Spanish. They’re the largest Portugese speaking country in the world!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Good catch. Here is what I found out: The official language of Brazil is Portuguese; however, there are more than 180 native languages spoken in the country. It is also important to note that Brazil is the only country in South America whose dominant language and culture comes from Portugal. Source

    2. merl
      merl at |

      Bad catch. He said Spanish is about the only FOREIGN language spoken there.

      1. Chris
        Chris at |

        I took foreign to mean “non english”. My experience in Rio was that there was some english in the tourist areas, but my workmate had to speak “spanugese” to be understood.

      2. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        We have fixed the mistake the Spanish was spoken in Brazil.

    3. Anonymous
      Anonymous at |

      It says foreign language. Not native language.

    4. bob
      bob at |

      It clearly says “Portuguese” while I’m looking at it, so maybe it’s been edited.

      1. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        Yes. It has been fixed.

  2. Ann
    Ann at |
  3. Avid_Lister
    Avid_Lister at |

    Apart from the obvious racist overtones – I have to say I liked your list (and writing style) immensely. I wonder why Africa hasn’t started sending out mail order brides…

    1. StupidAnswers4StupidQuestions
      StupidAnswers4StupidQuestions at |

      lack of demand, dumbass.

      1. fleur
        fleur at |

        Clear you haven’t been to western Europe! French and Belgian and Swiss men in particular often marry African mail order brides from francophone countries. There is also a world wide trend of Ethiopian mail order brides.

    2. john s
      john s at |

      African? Not too popular for various reasons.
      1. There was a ‘survey’ years back that suggested most African women were unfaithful.
      2. Dark skin tone. Even in Asian/Middle Eastern cultures darker skin is not as ‘valuable’ as light skin. Probably seen as light skin means you don’t perform labor outside therefore you’re in a higher economic class.
      3. Predominance of Islam.
      Now, I did read somewhere recently that (due to China’s shortage of females ) many Chinese ‘marriage brokers are looking to Africa for brides. China is apparently investing heavily in the continent so it makes sense to have some cultural connections there.
      Just my $.01

  4. merl
    merl at |

    I once worked with a flabby white guy who married a Columbian woman he met on the internet. He made it sound like he met her through some kind of forum. I always figured he bought her.

    1. brian
      brian at |


  5. brian
    brian at |

    What is a “Latino” race? I think you have to learn what race is. You have made that mistakes many times recently.

    Ukraine is not in close proximity to Europe-It is in Europe.

    It is spelled “Colombia” NEVER “Columbia”.

    Russia isn’t “one of the largest countries” it is the largest country.

    1. Heywood Jablomey
      Heywood Jablomey at |

      Nobody cares whether Latino is a race…we know what he means.

    2. Jack Mehoff
      Jack Mehoff at |

      Strictly speaking i think they were referring to “Largest habitable countries” Russia is physically the largest country, yet about half is uninhabitable; But I’m totally sure you will find your Siberian princess somewhere in the Arctic circle!

    3. wakeup
      wakeup at |

      I lmfao, respect.

  6. aznguitarfrik
    aznguitarfrik at |

    ummm… there’s no such thing as “low” divorce rate in the Philippines. In fact, divorce is NOT even practiced in the Philippines.

  7. colombian man
    colombian man at |

    I cannot believe they would post “since the drug wars and jungle fighting killed off (or imprisoned) many Colombian men, the competition for husbands is fiercer there than anywhere else in Latin America” What kind of asshole thinks only men die in a civil war?? The rebel forces also include women. The writer is an idiot!!!

    KUASHIE at |

    I wonder where the writer got his local sources, its a bit funny. But it was a good post overall apart from some racist accusations without evidence or maybe the writer got carried away. Why are there too much comments giving writers steak, why don’t readers try to write some toptenz instead of giving writer the steak for every little thing.

  9. Lawson
    Lawson at |

    What a racist pont of view….I’m not white but I’m pretty dang western. Wow this guy has issues

  10. brem
    brem at |

    The girl in number 2 is an actress from the Philippines and it’s unfair to use her photo for this kind of article.

  11. Ayu
    Ayu at |

    As a girl, can I order a bride?

  12. eddiec
    eddiec at |

    I am retired, divorced and widowed. This brings me to the idea of a mail order bride. My kid is grown, I just want to travel and have a companion who is adorable and fun . I thought about central america. The Phillipines are a long way off. However their women are exceptional. My friend married a Dominican. Cute but boaring, his words. I am planning an overseas trip. who knows?

  13. whispers
    whispers at |

    Russian girls are the best, they’re not tooo poor like other n not tooo gold digger,they’re not looking for green card like ukrainians , they all have a f**** model body, and they treat their hasbands like men, they dont mind to cook and clean for him and show him love like our f***** western girls :((((

    1. tony
      tony at |

      What are you talking about ukrainian girls? My wife from Ukraine and she is more better that your russian ideals! You need look better. If you met one such like you wrote – it’s doesn’t mean that all of them these.

    2. Ralph
      Ralph at |

      while the Ukrainian girls are looking more for wealthy foreigners than before and because of that can be stamped more as “gold-diggers” than they where 10 years ago its mostly because of increasing living educational standards meaning they can be more picky with the choose of men…
      so no more fat lazy with no hair on the top and income that comes just from welfare.

      Russians on the other hand have become less picky and just for the gold and more “i take everything” like the Philippines ones.
      that can be good at some point but a more serious problem is that Russians also have became WAY more nationalistic and have high miss-use welfare systems in other lands. they also tops the list together with Arabic countries when it comes to child abduction if the marriage goes wrong and ends in a divorce.

  14. Taras
    Taras at |

    What a wonderful discussion! I also use the bride site (mymagicbrides.com) and I feel wonderful about it. There are so many interesting women who I may talk to, discuss different topics and enjoy the time together. It’s so cool to have a real date after online communication when you already know this person and can trust her. Thanks for such sites.

  15. T.
    T. at |

    Dear Evan Ostryzniuk,

    I am surprised to hear you have Ukrainian girls and Russian girls ranked so low on the exoticism scale and claim: “Not so high, since Oksanas look no different from Western European girls.”
    “Place a Russian lady in a Western city and they tend to blend in quite well, aside from being overdressed and heavily made up. And slim.”

    I beg to differ with you, as someone who is Eastern European (My Mother’s side Russian and Ukrainian and My Father’s side Polish and Ukrainian).

    I can pick the one Ukrainian or Russian lady out of a crowded room each and every time. They do stand out other than “too much makeup, being overdressed or being slim”.
    The runways are filled with Eastern European beauties right now (and since the bloc fell) rather than the mostly the blue eyed Californian blondes of yesteryear for a reason. It is because of their exceptional beauty and yes “exotic” facial structure and cheekbones that are so easily picked out, and highly photogenic.

    Haven’t you ever seen the Ukrainian or Russian ladies that have an almost Asian shaped eye, while still being green eyed (without contact lenses). I would say very exotic.

    I have spent years nudging my Mom and motioning towards someone shopping at the grocery or the mall since I was young with the statement “She looks Russian or she looks Ukrainian!” Only to catch up to them and hear them speaking Russian, Ukrainian or some other Slavic language with their family or with an accent . I beg to differ with you that they do not merely “blend in with the crowd” and they carry themselves with confidence, not always seen in other women. My guess is you would not have been trolling mail-order bride sites when you finally found your Ukrainian wife, if they didn’t 😉


  16. Alex
    Alex at |

    India shouldn’t be on the list of mail-order bride countries at all, since even the author who made this top ten claims arranged marriages is a different pratice all together. For one thing arranged marriages can be planned for looking out for either grooms or brides, unlike the whole one dimensional mail-order bride services. Also arranged marriages can be found in not only south-asia, but also in Africa, east-asia, Israel, many Muslims countries and many NativE American groups found in Latin america. I feel that only reason India is here it’s mainly because Mail-order bride type is mostly white western male pratice, which is why many of them wish deep down that indian brides would be easy to order out and exploit like many other type of women on this globe.

    It’s also funny to see how much the author dislike and pick on thai women, because no matter the fault that many thai women may have. It’s still true that thai women in the end of the day love and worships white men more like they are god’s gift to women.. It’s will sadden many Thai women out there that many white western men don’t hold them in very good light.

    1. Ralph
      Ralph at |

      “It’s will sadden many Thai women out there that many white western men don’t hold them in very good light.”

      i can see that quite clearly on the trips i have had down there but that light is kind of self inflicted.
      not in a bad way but have become something we western see in a bad way.
      Thai women have a very strong family bond, and in some cases its so strong the original family overruns the new husband leaving him as a lower cast.
      think of marry a woman where your new father and mother in law always have the last word and your word less worth, not so funny…

  17. Gregg
    Gregg at |

    I can agree with Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand among the top countries for mail order brides .. but countries like India should not be in this list – though India may be a poor country, marrying a foreigner for money or better life is definitely not in there in Indian culture.

  18. tukkata
    tukkata at |

    thailand is a land of white minority and dark skinned majority (the real thai race is white, not dark as dark people are in fact thaitified), and is a land of surplus women (women higher in number)

    western men generally get trash women from thailand. most of women from thailand are divorced thaitified dark skinned girls that thai men do not want, not virgin. a western man has once again recently married a divorced woman, not virgin or a trash women from the thai toilet, despite unmarried thai women in higher number than married ones. Who are really interested in western men? in fact, almost none.

  19. KG-1987
    KG-1987 at |

    The saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

  20. John C
    John C at |

    Old list. I suspect most of those positions have changed tremendously.

  21. Jésus
    Jésus at |

    But where can I find sites to buy them?

    1. Sujan T Magar
      Sujan T Magar at |

      Heres the link actually….
      ::: clktr4ck.com/5x9e

  22. Tarapoa
    Tarapoa at |

    I must say I liked the commentary even if I have different personal opinions having worked overseas in many different countries for 30 years. Generally speaking the comments hit the mark. Of course, like any good Sunday NFL line up, there are always armchair critics who don’t know much, but like to flood us with their infinite wisdom and knowledge.
    The truth is, in my humble experience, whilst there are significant cultural differences country to country (an obvious), men and women world wide are seeking the same thing in relationships. Honesty, trust, love and commitment. Regardless of where you may be fortunate enough to find your partner, success in the relationship will depend on YOU and not the culture or “exotic” location you have found your partner. Overall, a helpful article for those who think that the internet is the solution to all our social challenges……nothing will replace real human contact and an understanding of people and respect for them as women or men, as the case may be, as human beings with feelings.

  23. Joe
    Joe at |

    Women are women, no matter where you go.

    You have to learn how to find that right one to be with.

  24. Louis
    Louis at |

    Mexico ?? 🙁 Northern Mexico <3 <3 <3


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