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11 Responses

  1. john at |

    no jabbawockeez? i think they should have earned at least a place in the list

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      Here's a link to them on youtube so people can check them out.

      1. Bill at |

        Here’s an even better one:

  2. jim at |

    It's a great list but I find it nearly criminal that the Nicholas Bro were not 1. I know it's subjective and opinion so I'm leaving mine, while leaving you to yours.

    I don't know it to be absolute truth but I read somewhere that they did that routine in 1 take. If so that's truly remarkable.

  3. William at |

    I'm pretty upset the jabbawockeez original performance on america's best dance crew is not on here. Im glad to see Robert Muraine but the wockeez definitely deserved a spot.

  4. Jezzika at |

    try the justice crew =) than read their history! you will love them!!

  5. Phil at |

    The Nicholas brothers can't be argues with.

  6. sportsgal at |

    I have seen that Nicholas Brothers routine several times and each time I wonder “How in the world did they do that?” Awesome!

  7. 12_mjac at |

    i miss michael jackson…

  8. griff at |

    where’s party rock?

    1. joe at |



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