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  1. Kay
    Kay at |

    ugh some of these are so weird.

  2. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    This was a fun list, but I can think of a lot more dangerous traditions…
    what about the bullet ant gloves that tribesmen have to complete in order to become men? What about the alligator tribesmen who have their skin cut out in order for the scars to look like alligator scales?

    College hazing #1? Your last sentence says only one person has died…it sucks that it happens, but people can say no and press charges.

  3. Ashley
    Ashley at |


    Thanks for the comment. I've never heard of any of those traditions, but I did try to find ones that not many know about and would make an interesting read.

    As for the last sentence, it states since 1970, at least one person has died on a college campus due to hazing. That means 38+ people.

    Either way, thanks for reading!

  4. Rick
    Rick at |

    You must not have read the NFPA report on fires involving Christmas Trees, even though you referenced it. That average number of fires per year involving a Christmas tree include fake ones too. Plastic will burn.

  5. Ashley
    Ashley at |


    Thanks for the comment/criticism? but I did not state that the fires were only caused by live trees. I said Christmas trees. I did read the report 😉

  6. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    Onbashira is more crazy and dangerous than bull running. I can’t believe anyone would be insane enough to try that.

  7. Jim
    Jim at |

    For the record, Onbashira is nowhere near Tokyo. It is held in the area surrounding Lake Suwa, in Nagano Prefecture in central Japan.

  8. Jacob
    Jacob at |

    I think what you are going for in that last sentence is:

    "Since 1970, at least one person has died _PER YEAR_ on a college campus due to hazing."

    Otherwise, you are simply stating that only one incident has happened since 1970! I also wonder where you got that statistic of 47% from, because almost every report on this issue has been identified as severely flawed, and retrieves extremely poor samples of college students (certainly the statistic is meant to have a shock factor, and not to tell anything reasonable).

    The Onbashira is also, as stated above in the comments, quite far from Tokyo. I think Tokyo gets enough attention as it is, as most people hear only about this city when it comes to Japan. 😉

  9. Roxanne
    Roxanne at |

    I was horrified when I saw the baby dropping thing on television.. My mother and me wanted to travel all the way to Sholapur and beat everyone up!!

    Im from Mumbai, India btw

    1. ATM before
      ATM before at |

      sure your from mumbai, bs. I love when people thow in they are from somewhere so as not to seem racist. stupid

  10. Equalizer
    Equalizer at |

    You forgot to mention: "Holy Week in the Philippines" where volunteered people are crucified in a cross using real nails, imitating the crucifixion of Christ.


  11. Anon
    Anon at |

    Nr. 2 is so dangerous, I've actually been there, but I haven't participated, just watched those daredevils running away from those crazed bulls.

    There's another, less dangerous (mostly dangerous because of after effects or diseases) in Spain where they throw tomatoes at eachother, this sounds least dangerous, but may I remind that people get blind because of this, or very bad eye diseases.

  12. Lachlan
    Lachlan at |

    Regarding No 8 Fireworks Battle at Chios, I saw this on a TV show last week. I was thinking it would be so funny if one team/church were firing off all these fireworks rockets hoping to hit the tower of the other church, meanwhile the other team stays quiet. Then when the first team is finished, the second team fires only one rocket at the opposition’s church tower. But it happens to be an RPG, which demolishes the tower !!! 🙂

  13. Kemzy
    Kemzy at |

    D baby dropping stuf is realy weird….its nt ryt as in nt normal i finq dis shuld stop b4 it goes a long way-(NIGERIA)

  14. Kaspar Tapper
    Kaspar Tapper at |

    Man i did not know there were so many negative traditions in this world. Some people are pretty screwed up. But for real the Christmas tree stuff dosent belong here. They are not dangerous unless some stupid uses the lights to burn a place down to the ground.


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