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4 Responses

  1. Theodoros II at |

    Good to see Hestie’s official debut to the site. That’s my favorite girl in the freelancing world :)

    Macabre topic but great writing and job from Hestie. I love how ranking goes by death toll by accident. That’s like an Olympic Medal Count or something he he!

    1. Hestie BG at |

      Thank you Theo! I aim to please :)

  2. daddyostjames at |

    train wreck #9 has been made into a song “the awash Cannonball” to soon???

  3. Zarth at |

    #10 alone pretty much shocked me at first glance with that high of a death toll, although the only trains I really see are ones carrying cargo, not people, so I guess that explains it. Pretty interesting read


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