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  1. Zama
    Zama at |

    can someone provide more details about Ebola diesaes

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    The have been two viruses that have been wiped out, Smallpox and Rinderpest. And the “Spanish Flu” made a reappearance a few years ago but was more commonly known as H1N1 or the Swine Flu.

    1. JG
      JG at |

      Those claiming small pox doesn’t exist anymore are incorrect. The US and Russian both still posses small pox and it’s possible others do as well. Given that it was weaponized by the former Soviet Union and those stockpiles are not entirely accounted for, the potential remains that we could see it again someday. Either in it’s natural form or as the recombinant chimera virus ebola-pox which was successfully engineered by Biopreparat scientists.

  3. praveen
    praveen at |

    what about tuberculosis and dengue ?????????? i think those 2 finds a place in top 10

  4. Jamesha Woods
    Jamesha Woods at |

    i really think people shouldnt have sex because you dont know who got what in this world

    1. Gabe
      Gabe at |

      How would we reproduce than? Do you want human life to become extinct?


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