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10 Responses

  1. 5minutes at |

    Two words: Star Trek.

  2. Monstette at |

    So sad that the lists are limited to just 10 but there are many crazy fans out there. Star Trek, Lady Gaga, Dragonball Z :p . . . could have made it

  3. Anthony at |

    Good list. I’m surprised one of the various World of Warcraft tantrums didn’t make this.

  4. dotmatrix at |

    What? No Juggalos?

  5. Susan Broadmore at |

    Come on Trekkies not in the top ten. The very inventors of over the to deserve a nod.

  6. jason stone at |

    this is actually two separate lists fused into one…there should be one list for individual people who are fanatics of a certain brand, and then one list for an entire group like the trekkies, or wow players….and where is star wars on this list? as a non star trek fan but a huge star wars fan, i am unsure which has a more devoted following…basically..if it has a yearly or some sort of annual convention, then it deserves to be counted as a group and should have been on this list

  7. Vickersnickers at |

    No monsters? this is an outrage!

  8. Peter Boucher at |

    Would the theft of Charlie Chaplin’s remains in 1977, just after he died belong in this list ??

  9. Beatle fan at |

    BEATLEMANIA and Pottermanis FTW!!!!!


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