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  • 5minutes

    Leave Dune alone. The Sci-Fi Miniseries for Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune was pretty awesome and better explored the books than any 2-3 hour movie could.

    • FMH

      If I’m right, the movie originally had about four hours and was cut down.

      • beast

        You are right. The original movie was long. It was cut down by producersexecutives with out Mr. Lynch giving consent (and also with out any idea how to do it). It was further cut to make a TV version (that version had some scenes the VHS did not have) with the order of some scenes changed. There is also an extended cut with more new scenes and again order changes.

        There is a fan work-print edition that take all know footage and attempts to recreate the original vision as best it can.

        A few years ago i was looking in to this and at that time Mr. Lynch had washed his hands of the whole thing and does not plan to make a directors cut, the impression i got was that the whole affair has him incensed and to this day mention of it upsets him. Of course i don’t know any of this for certain, just wiki and such.

  • ingeriaripa

    you also have eragon. Great book series that was utterly and horribly destroyed.

  • Matt

    Honorable Mention:

    Masters of the Universe

    • Jim Ciscell

      I would give an honorable mention to Masters of the Universe. If I remember correctly, between Masters and Superman IV, a whole film company was very nearly done in.

  • Bast

    Sahara. It was the first in what was planned to be a franchise, but the lawsuit from Cussler pretty much killed it.

  • eddog murphy

    I wish they had made more Remo Williams (The Destroyer) movies! They could have changed out lead actors (and interpretations) easily. There are like 200 pulp novels in the series to choose from!

    • I loved the Remo Williams movie the first time I saw it, but I was 17 and loved most movies. It doesn’t hold up nearly as well today, but I’m sure it would also be made much differently. I would definitely see a new Remo Williams movie if Hollywood produced it.

  • LookitThis

    What about Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins…? I always thought that would end up with at least one sequel….after all, the first one had it right in the title, The Adventures BEGINS…anyone have any more info on this?

    • daddyostjames

      ?there was a TV pilot “remo Williams” that was made in 1988 but wasn’t picked up see on YouTube??

  • Tony

    The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982). Made 40 million and cost only 2 million to make. At the end the movie tells viewers to watch for the upcoming sequel.

  • J

    I noticed a little slip-up in the description of Cobra… His first name wasn’t Martin, it was Marion. That was a point that was brought up in the dialog, because a tough guy shouldn’t go by the name Marion. Also, IMDB lists the character’s name as Lieutenant Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti.

    • Thanks for the correction, J.

      • skywatcher

        I assume the name is something of an in-joke since John Wayne’s real name was Marion.

  • Johnnycanuck

    I know that there is talk about a sequel but for me Spawn was a franchise….

  • TJ

    Would’ve paid to see sequels to Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Willow. Too bad.

    The more modern Dune installments, the ones shown on Sci-Fi channel i think, are a lot better. Isn’t that a franchise? I’m not sure.

    • Juan

      Actually, it seems that “Beetlejuice 2” is on their way, check IMDB 😉

  • TC

    Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League, anyone?

    • RhondaJohnson

      I believe Buckaroo Banzai was the sequel[as in was meant to be] to Big Trouble in little China or vice versa.

    • Elliott

      I agree! I always loved Buckaroo Banzai-
      It is so 80’s though – a new interpretation would be cool, or a really tight Fanedit-

  • RhondaJohnson

    I laugh because your title lead me to believe it was a holy crap, how dare they only make one.

  • Jim Ciscell

    Too kind of address Dune as far as the Sci Fi mini series were concerned, I did not really consider it to be the same franchise in the same way that Batman Triumphant would have been part of the Batman franchise started by Tim Burton in 1989 but Batman Begins was not. There was no real connection. The David Lynch start to a Dune franchise produced by Din Delaurentiis in my mind was not followed up on. in the same way that Oz_ The great and powerful is not a follow up to the Judy Garland classic. If Fred Ward made Remo Williams:The Adventure Continues next year, I would consider that to be part of the franchise. If a whole new company makes Remo Williams and stars Edward Norton, I would consider it based on the same source material but not the same franchise.

  • FMH

    My theory on the Golden Compass is that they just noticed that they messed up the original storyline beyond repair and didn’t know how to continue. I mean, they stopped the movie right BEFORE the climax of the book, exchanged characters and watered down too many elements.

  • onslaught94

    I for one am THRILLED that “Elf” stopped at only one movie. It was stupid and, like everything else Will Farrell does, not funny at all. In fact, Farrell is like Jerry Seinfeld: they wouldn’t know what funny is if it was shoved up their sphincters and into their brains.

  • Pubes

    Green Lantern
    The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman
    Battle LA
    Cutthroat Island
    The Long Kiss Goodnight
    Deep Blue Sea

  • Mine To Torment

    “Given the ridiculous success of the Lord of the Rings films (which lets face it was the core inspiration for Willow), there is always hope that the Shadow War could one day cinematically continue.”

    Willows is made 10 years before the Lord Of The Rings films, so the latter can hardly have been an inspiration for Willow. If you mean that Tolkiens books inspired Willow, it could arguably be true.

    • Jim Ciscell

      Willow was made after they failed to secure the rights to the Tolkien books. It was a similiar situation to making Nosferatu after a deal to make Dracula fell through.

  • Zach

    Blade Runner
    The 5th Element

    • FMH

      I don’t know Commando, but I doubt either Blade Runner or 5th Element were ever planned to have sequels

      • scooter

        Commando did get a sequel – it was a little indie film called Die Hard.

        (True story – look it up on IMDb)

  • schuyler

    um… not to be a nerd, but you forgot MAC & ME!!!

    • IvoryTower


  • Marin

    Regarding the bit on The Golden Compass:
    ‘The books feature an atheistic strain in which a dangerous amnesiac God must be destroyed.’
    How can it be atheistic if it features a God?

  • Thom

    Did you have an editor or proofreader go through this? Unreal.

  • PretoriaRunningMan

    There was talk of a sequel to District 9 after it was released and rumours still abound today, but nothing so far. Surprising, especially considering it ended with such a huge cliffhanger. Even the title seemed to be a done deal. District 10: Revenge of the Prawns was the most talked about possible title for a sequel. Still waiting.

  • JG

    FYI Cobra wasn’t the original Beverly Hills Cop script, it was Stallone’s rewrite to it after they sent him the script. The Studio didn’t like his rewrite but Stallone did so he asked another studio to make it into a movie and they did, thus creating Cobra.

  • Sybok

    What about Star Wars?

  • Mordok

    If you want a sequel to Willow, George Lucas and Chris Claremont wrote a sequel trilogy of novels about the Shadow War….check it out.

  • Nathan

    Bubba Ho-Tep should be on this list. It was originally scripted to have a sequel, but it never came to fruition. Bruce Campbell has said that he wanted to do it.

    • Not so sure about Bubba Nosferatu. Joe R Lansdale, who wrote the original version the film is based on, never wrote another story about Elvis. The film was never intended to have another chapter. The “sequel” idea started as one last joke at the end of the film, then the reaction to it was so strong that Don Coscarelli started to think it might be worth doing. Bruce Campbell apparently exited the film in 2007, but Paul Giamatti seems to have been driving it ever since. He’s said that Ron Perlman was interested in the Elvis role and as late on as last year, has said he’s seen the final script.

      Will we ever see it? I hope so. I also hope Campbell reprises his role. Especially if he gets to do an in-character commentary on the DVD again…

  • CS

    What about I am Number Four? Movie was cheesy, but thought the storyline was good. I’d see a sequel to Willow any day, just watched it a few weeks ago.

  • Poelzig

    Land of the Lost rules. I also think it’s gonna be a cult movie in a near future just like Dredd.
    You guys should check Jodorowsky’s Dune

  • PCT

    Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension? Or Master & Commander the Far Side of the World? Two great flicks that never got their seq…….