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  • AB

    This article was very interesting and i believe that Eve was the first woman also.

  • mmahoney17

    I found the story of Lucy to be particularly interesting, but there is no doubt that Eve has been pervasive in monotheistic culture and must be considered influential as a result.

  • Joe Kleinmann

    As a science major, the piece looking at mitochondrial DNA really grabbed my attention. I just finished up a genetics course in which we looked at how mitochondrial DNA is a very good indicator of mapping inheritance both geographically and historically.
    Overall, this article branched into many intriguing theories of the origin of humans and women in specific. I enjoy hearing and seeing the possible evidence behind these types of ideas.

  • Marlene Villa

    I did not really know about the “first women” other than the ones ranked as the first three. In regards to Lif, I thought it was interesting how Christians at that time, in order to convert Scandinavians, related Lif to Eve. It was a really impressive way to connect the two and gain believers.

  • Jonathan Beard

    It made sense to me that Eve was number one after many years in PSR and going to church. I found it interesting to learn about Lilith who I did not know is regarded as Adam’s wife prior to Eve in Medieval Jewish folklore.

  • Max Bechara

    Eve was no doubt the first woman of the world

  • Kevin

    Pandora obviously was because they named a music streaming service after her

  • Frankie Alvarez

    Its pretty crazy to think we will never be able to identify the true origin of our species. Obviously Eve is the most well known of the 10, but each carries a pretty intriguing history.

  • Liam Flaherty

    I found it interesting to analyze the parallels present in several of the “first woman” stories. Notably, it is interesting that both the Ancient Greek story of Pandora and the Bible story of Eve depict women as the manufacturer of human suffering: Eve by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and Pandora from opening her pithos.

  • Ben

    It was genius of the Medieval Christian missionaries (in #5) to equate Lif with Eve. Sycretisms such as this have been used throughout history.