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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    It was genius of the Medieval Christian missionaries (in #5) to equate Lif with Eve. Sycretisms such as this have been used throughout history.

  2. Liam Flaherty
    Liam Flaherty at |

    I found it interesting to analyze the parallels present in several of the “first woman” stories. Notably, it is interesting that both the Ancient Greek story of Pandora and the Bible story of Eve depict women as the manufacturer of human suffering: Eve by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and Pandora from opening her pithos.

  3. Frankie Alvarez
    Frankie Alvarez at |

    Its pretty crazy to think we will never be able to identify the true origin of our species. Obviously Eve is the most well known of the 10, but each carries a pretty intriguing history.

  4. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Pandora obviously was because they named a music streaming service after her

  5. Max Bechara
    Max Bechara at |

    Eve was no doubt the first woman of the world

  6. Jonathan Beard
    Jonathan Beard at |

    It made sense to me that Eve was number one after many years in PSR and going to church. I found it interesting to learn about Lilith who I did not know is regarded as Adam’s wife prior to Eve in Medieval Jewish folklore.

  7. Marlene Villa
    Marlene Villa at |

    I did not really know about the “first women” other than the ones ranked as the first three. In regards to Lif, I thought it was interesting how Christians at that time, in order to convert Scandinavians, related Lif to Eve. It was a really impressive way to connect the two and gain believers.

  8. Joe Kleinmann
    Joe Kleinmann at |

    As a science major, the piece looking at mitochondrial DNA really grabbed my attention. I just finished up a genetics course in which we looked at how mitochondrial DNA is a very good indicator of mapping inheritance both geographically and historically.
    Overall, this article branched into many intriguing theories of the origin of humans and women in specific. I enjoy hearing and seeing the possible evidence behind these types of ideas.

  9. mmahoney17
    mmahoney17 at |

    I found the story of Lucy to be particularly interesting, but there is no doubt that Eve has been pervasive in monotheistic culture and must be considered influential as a result.

  10. AB
    AB at |

    This article was very interesting and i believe that Eve was the first woman also.

  11. A Duncan
    A Duncan at |

    It was really neat to learn about historical women. I find it funny that Pandora the Goddess who punished men with the evils of the world now is the huge jewelry store Pandora.

  12. APG
    APG at |

    Being raised and living as a Christian there just really doesn’t seem room to disagree with Eve being first, but most of the other possibilities are really cool to hear about. I remember learning about Lucy in my 6th grade Social Studies class so I find that theory slightly more believable than others.

  13. Greg B
    Greg B at |

    Eve is easily number one as i have been going to catholic school since kindergarten.

    It is easy to see that Adam and Eve were the first two human beings. However, Lilith was quite interesting since I did not know much about her story.

  14. Andrew Orie
    Andrew Orie at |

    Having been through catholic school since pre-school, Eve is the easy choice for me, but I also found Pandora pretty interesting.

  15. Tevin Knerr
    Tevin Knerr at |

    I find this very interesting and i believe eve was the first .

  16. Erin R
    Erin R at |

    I too believe that life began with Adam and Eve but the history and stories behind the other nine are interesting as well. I do find the story of Lilith to be rather interesting considering she is not commonly mentioned in modern Jewish faith from what I understand.

  17. Zachary Zupancic
    Zachary Zupancic at |

    Eve is the easy choice for me. However, all this information about the other 9 is incredibly interesting.

  18. Clayton Cassidy
    Clayton Cassidy at |

    I am most familiar with the creation story of Adam and Eve as I come from a Christian Background. It was really interesting for me to hear that there is an alternative version of Eve known as Lilith who is associated with demons! It is crazy to think that we all may have come from the same mitochondrial DNA lineage. We even may have come from the same tree as many of the myths show the women growing from trees. I am glad to see that Lucy was found by a team at Kent State!

  19. rpugliese16
    rpugliese16 at |

    Interesting, I have never heard of any of these except for Pandora and of course Eve. Great read.

  20. JV
    JV at |

    This article was very interesting, especially about Lucy with how much of her skeleton they were able to discover.

  21. SRP
    SRP at |

    I think that Eve is the best fit for explaining the first women and how she had such an impact on ancient civilization. I also find the story of Lucy to be very interesting. I think that it is cool that someone from Kent helped to find and determine the remains. Overall I think that women did were a big part of accident civilization.

  22. David Crowley
    David Crowley at |

    Eve is the definite choice for number one. She was the first women in the world and is responsible for so much. All of these women were very influential in the development of our world.

  23. Matthew Barnewall
    Matthew Barnewall at |

    Any of the first women with scientific backing could be the first in our history. My knowledge on the subject is limited, so I couldn’t even attempt at saying which one however.

  24. Emily Seiter
    Emily Seiter at |

    I find the stories of Lif and Embla to be extremely interesting because they both originate from Norse Mythology. It is interesting how the Lif has been related to the Christian story of Adam and Eve, because Eve herself is one of the ten mentioned. It is interesting how across cultures, times and different locations throughout the world how some of these stories of the original women have some basic similarities.

  25. Cori Anter
    Cori Anter at |

    I found each of the stories of these first women to be extremely interesting. Each story, though as rich as the next, are so different and are filled with such interesting detail about how they are remembered and thought as. My favorite of them all was Lilith. The idea that what we have always believed to have been true within the story of Adam and Eve may not have been true according to Jewish folklore fascinates me.

  26. Mariam
    Mariam at |

    I consider Eve to be the first woman in history because of her appearance in the book of Genesis in The Bible, and her important amongst other major religions.

  27. Sarah Shaheen
    Sarah Shaheen at |

    I found it very interesting all the stories on the first women and how they all seem to connect in a way.

  28. Alexa B
    Alexa B at |

    I found it interesting how the various stories had connections to the others. I found it particularly interesting that a professor from Kent State worked with Ardi and Lucy.

  29. Megan Arrendale
    Megan Arrendale at |

    It is awesome that all of these stories about these women are told from different cultures. I find it interesting that some cultures believe Adam was married to Lilith before Eve came along.

  30. Matt M
    Matt M at |

    I find it very interesting the amount of stories that exists on how the first women came to be and how we so many years later look at how these stories came to be


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