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  • JL

    This article shows that women have played a major role in civilizations throughout history.

  • Emily S.

    HS-196 Spring 16
    The fact that many cultures developed similar theories and stories of how the first humans, specifically women came about is particularly interesting to me. Embla and Lif are the two women from this article I would be interested in learning more about because I had never heard of them and do not know much about Norse mythology. I found the story of Lilith to be extremely interesting in such that because she refused to be subservient to man and was then demonized and viewed as monstrous in multiple stories showing mans early dislike/fear of strong willed women which occurs repeatedly throughout history and today across many cultures.

  • CCreamer

    Its amazing to see that 40% of Lucy’s skeleton remains after over 3 million years.

  • Sydney K

    It is pretty cool to know that the curator for Lucy, Donald Carl Johanson was from my hometown of CLE!

  • MMA

    I found it interesting that each culture has a different way women came to be. You also see throughout this article the difference between the science perspective and the religious perspective.