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  1. Some Guy
    Some Guy at |

    Wow. Huh. And wow again. It just goes to show how different opinions can be. If I was asked to name one item on Top Gear that seemed forced, unfunny, surprisingly charmless and rather boring despite its subject matter, it’d be that Ken Block thing.

  2. Damianus smith
    Damianus smith at |

    There are many Lots of Amazing Movement in the recent year enjoying by any one.

  3. SmurfinLennon
    SmurfinLennon at |

    One of my favourites is when James and Jeremy have to make Volkswagon advertisements for the Scirocco, always get a laugh outta that one.

  4. andrew
    andrew at |

    i agree with the Block VS Carmichael episode being the best, but there’s also Clarkson in an Evo9 VS the Royal Army in a Jackal. And Stig’s apparent immortality following several ‘fatal’ accidents most of which involve exploding cars

  5. Billy
    Billy at |

    I liked the smallest car episode too:

  6. adrianne@UFC 134 Live Stream
    [email protected] 134 Live Stream at |

    I love watching Top Gear. The episode where they had the £100 Car Challenge was my favorite. Jeremy bought a Volvo 760 GLE for £1! That was insane and fun.

  7. Jezzika
    Jezzika at |

    haha! i love that tank one! Imagine looking in your rear vision mirror and seeing a tank flying after you with its turret facing you!


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