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7 Responses

  1. Jezzika at |

    haha! i love that tank one! Imagine looking in your rear vision mirror and seeing a tank flying after you with its turret facing you!

  2. adrianne@UFC 134 Live Stream at |

    I love watching Top Gear. The episode where they had the £100 Car Challenge was my favorite. Jeremy bought a Volvo 760 GLE for £1! That was insane and fun.

  3. Billy at |

    I liked the smallest car episode too:

  4. andrew at |

    i agree with the Block VS Carmichael episode being the best, but there’s also Clarkson in an Evo9 VS the Royal Army in a Jackal. And Stig’s apparent immortality following several ‘fatal’ accidents most of which involve exploding cars

  5. SmurfinLennon at |

    One of my favourites is when James and Jeremy have to make Volkswagon advertisements for the Scirocco, always get a laugh outta that one.

  6. Damianus smith at |

    There are many Lots of Amazing Movement in the recent year enjoying by any one.

  7. Some Guy at |

    Wow. Huh. And wow again. It just goes to show how different opinions can be. If I was asked to name one item on Top Gear that seemed forced, unfunny, surprisingly charmless and rather boring despite its subject matter, it’d be that Ken Block thing.


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