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  • manny

    Then after those ten we can include dirk nowitski,bill walton,billy cunningham.

  • manny

    Pete maravich has to be on the top ten id add him over dave cowens or john stockton.How did i forget him?

  • James Reese

    You lost all credibility leaving of Ric Barry. Look up his numbers. The man averaged over 30 a game three seasons. Led the NBA, ABA, and NCAA in scoring. You know who else did that? NOBODY. Led an undermanned team to a Championship.
    Bob Pettit should be there too.

    • Shell Harris

      Good suggestions. Ric Barry was legendary.

  • Bartleby

    Bill Walton?

  • Aar Jay

    How about Hall of Famer Rick Barry? This dude averaged 25 points a game over 14 year career, with 4 of those years being 30 points plus years. Was famous for the underhanded free throws, and was one of the all time great free throw shooters. Has 1 NBA Championship despite the fact he never played on any great teams or with any great players. Rick Barry was the best white player I had ever seen play before Larry Bird came along.