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  • frank

    what a LAME list. get you mind out of the gutter

  • paul65

    You see something big you think overcompensation for penis size?…DUMB LIST..STOP WASTING MY EYES TIME

    • While this list was obviously supposed to be funny, there is also research to back this up. A quick google search for the word ‘overcompensation’ resulted in: “Masculinity-threatened participants also showed more interest in buying an SUV…”

      If you don’t think the list is funny, fine, but you don’t have to be so all-caps aggressive about it – from the same article: “Threaten a man’s masculinity and he will assume more macho attitudes, according to a study by a Cornell University researcher…”

      • Lar Blackman

        Thank you for your input, Unqualified Amateur Psychologist.

        • And thank you for your many comments today, Rather Surly Commenter.

          • eddie

            Lol. Surly. Ur like the brawn man on the rolls of paper. That overcompesnation thing has made it to advertising. You can probly assume theres loads of research to back it up. Guys get aggresive when they feel threatened? Thats proposterous. Girls get agggresive when they feel threatened. Guys turn into 9 year olds

    • Mr Focus

      So which one (or how many) of these do you own?

  • g-burn

    dude, that oversized “guitar” is actually a mandolin…

    • It’s a semi-acoustic (a.k.a. hollow body) guitar not a mandolin. Mandolins and bass guitars can also be semi-acoustic and have the ‘f-holes’ you see in the picture, so they look similar….

      • g-burn

        you are right, guitars, bass guitars can all have the semi hollow style with f holes. however guitars and bass guitars do not have 8 tuning pegs. mandolins do. that is an oversized mandolin. in fact here is a link to prove my point

        • I was going to argue that 8 string guitars have 8 tuning pegs, like this one here: Then I had a better idea, and tried to track down the source of the photo and confirm that is was a guitar. I tried all sorts of searches: huge guitar, man with big guitar, etc and I couldn’t find it. Then I typed in giant mandolin and it was the first photo that came up. Doh! Off to replace the photo now… thanks for letting us know about the error –

          • g-burn

            holy crap! how do you get your fingers around that beast? not sure what i’d do with 8 strings haha

  • taramarriee

    Josh Pyke made that guitar boat himself and auctioned it off to raise money for Indigenous Literacy Project.

    And it is a guitar, take a look at it. Mandolins don’t look like that. You don’t know if it’s semi-acoustic and it doesn’t really matter – it’s a boat.

    Takes an Aussie to defend an Aussie.

    • The conversation above was about a picture that has now been replaced (which is mentioned in the 2nd to last comment in the thread). Sorry about the confusion – no one questioned the authenticity of Josh Pyke’s guitar. Interesting that he built the boat himself and then auctioned it off for literacy- thanks for letting us know.

  • Stylez

    What about the men who are married and have a sports car? Are they over compensating?

  • Lar Blackman

    Accusations of overcompensation are more about the insecurities of the accuser than the guy with the big car/dog/etc.

  • R

    No,owning a gun not necessarily compensating for a small penis.

    • Mr Focus

      The article didn’t say anything about ‘owning’, it said ‘carrying” a big gun.

      Lots of normal people own guns for hunting or protection.

      But people whose avatar or profile picture shows them holding guns or worse, ‘open carry’ ?


  • volkan

    Freud fetishism! Penis is not everything a mans life or human life. Penis is not the only power symbol; yet it is not very proper symbol for power. I think penis fetishism in psychology is just Freud’s revenge for things Nasis do for him and his poor two sisters.