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  • 5minutes

    “Given that Palin had turned into the laughingstock of the campaign, that was probably a wise decision.”

    Palin was a laughing stock among the left, but among the right, she was – and remains – pretty highly admired and heavily influential. There’s actually plenty of evidence to show that McCain actually got more votes than he would have otherwise simply because he’d nominated Sarah.

    As for the middle… well, plenty of moderates voted McCain/Palin, too. So… your remark is off-base.

    • Pount

      Agree completely, thanks for commenting with some truth. The author needs to keep his political views OFF of the list. I don’t come here to read about the authors’ political views, I come to read their lists.

      • 5minutes

        I don’t mind reading political views, so long as those political views are reasonably drawn conclusions and not off-the-cuff partisan hits.

        • marc

          unless, of course, they are off-the-cuff partisan hits you agree with?

          • 5minutes

            I’ll appreciate them more… but it is annoying nonetheless, though not as annoying as Obama.

  • Dan

    I am not a follower of partisan politics and have voted both democratic and republican in the past. I think it is silly to vote for a person based on a group in which they belong, you have to analize a leader on an individual basis.

    That said, Sarah Palin has made so many outlandish statements (these were beyond gaffes). There are plenty of people who are more objectively intelligent, less bias, and more well spoken than Sarah Palin who would make a better Vice President

    • 5minutes

      Did you know that most of the “gaffes” she made were either made by Tina Fey (“I can see Russia from my house”) or have actually been proven to be true (“death panels”)? Sarah is nowhere near as dumb as the left has implied that she is. She’s a very smart, straight-talking political operator and her detractors would not serve themselves to trivialize her.

    • 5minutes

      By the way… “objectively intelligent, less bias, and more well spoken”… like who? Joe Biden?