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  • Adrian

    I find it laughable that this article is titled “Top World News Stories” when every single entry is about U.S.A. While the U.S. problems can have a big effect on the world, they are certainly not the only country worth recognizing as important. There are far more important things happening around the world than a Powerball draw and to ignore them is ludicrous.
    A disappointing article to say the least.

  • JJ

    Amanda Berry

  • MKonya

    I don’t know how to feel about this Top Ten list. It seems like there are much more important things going on in our country than portrayed in this list, especially the way these topics are put in order. Example the Kentucky Derby being #3 and tornados that devasated parts of the country are only #6 ?!

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Which other topics from this past month would you have also included?

      • MKonya

        I’m not 100% sure which other topics to include as I do not stay completely up to date with current events/news, but I still think its appropriate to judge the importance of this list. I think that the powerball reaching the “2nd highest ever” is basically worthless on an importance level… In my opinion that and Orb winning the Kentucky Derby are about as important as The Fast and The Furious 6 releasing in theatres. In other words, I dont think things involving entertainment unless they undoubtedly will be remembered a long time in history should not be put on a pedastool (or list) over natural disasters and tragic events that caused people to lose their lives.

        • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

          I see where you’re coming from and personally agree that loss of life is more important than entertainment things; however, I suspect, for better or worse, the wider audience of history will remember winners of sporting events longer than individuals who lost their lives in tragedy, regardless of whether or not that is right or wrong. Similarly, consider the media coverage in America, for example, of the powerball than say the Civil War in Syria. Of course what is happening in Syria is far more historically important, but in terms of news coverage, we get much more talk of the powerball or IRS scandal at least from CNN, MSNBC, and Fox than we do about a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives. As such, were the list about the top 10 actually most important events rather than the top 10 most important events of the month based on news coverage, then the rankings and even what is included in the list would be potentially considerably different. For example, see for an interesting article from a British news site. I personally think this discovery is much more significant for humanity than the winner of a horse racing event; however, just doing a Google search for mice aging hypothalamus turned up 705,000 results versus 1,760,000 results for orb Kentucky Derby. So again, in terms of the actually most important events of last month, yes, I am definitely with you that there are others that I would include instead, but in terms of news stories, it is different. in terms of how the media has devoted coverage and how the broader public has shown their interest via what they have researched online for, blogged about, etc. For future lists would you prefer we instead have Top 10 Most Important World Events of May 2013, for example, instead of these ones focusing on news stories? Also, regarding that mice link, do you think anything will come of that, i.e. do you think scientists will find a way to slow down aging by a significant percentage? What would be the consequences of us living longer? Would there be any negative consequences of people living longer?

          • MKonya

            Dr. Zarzeczny,
            I can not get past the word “Important”. I totally understand where you are coming from as these stories did have the most coverage and popularity amongst the public as you said, but the list is titled “Top 10 Important World News Stories of May 2013” which in itself is misleading (I know you answered why it only covers the US). This title also means that no matter how much coverage or publicity a news story received, it had to be super important to be the list. I just feel like there has to be more important things, regardless of how many people viewed them. Some people may even look at the rescuing of a family in a burning house a more important event in May than the horse race.

            Concerning the mice. Wow! That seems much more important than some of the things on the other list (haha). I think it’s amazing but I remain skeptical. My typical view on these “lab-rat findings” is that it always fails, and if it ever succeeded they (government/scientist/important people) would hide it from the public for a long time not necessarily to hog it but to test it further. I believe that if people lived longer our natural resources would go down the drain. We are already overpopulating at an alarming rate (I think) and that would raise the average age of death over 80. Pretty interesting stuff to think about.

        • HP15

          On the scale of “Important World News Stories”, the derby and lottery are laughably insignificant. I completely agree with your point on that.

  • Danielle

    I believe that the IRS scandal should be in the top three because it caused a rift between parties as well as doubt from US citizens in their own government. Some people blame Obama, others blame Democrats, and senators call for someone to be jailed over this scandal. The IRS scandal just gives people another reason to say that the government is too big.

  • Pount

    As an Oklahoman I am frankly offended to see the devastating tornadoes, which killed 36 people in my state, was only ranked #6, behind the Kentucky Derby, That is shocking, ridiculous, and insensitive. Yet another poor monthly ranking of the news

  • Alissa Bambarger (TA)

    To the HS 202 class: What do you think was the most important event of the year thus far?

    • Megan

      I think that the bombings of the Boston Marathon was a very significant event of 2013. It’s scary to think that something that should be celebrated (i.e. the accomplishment of running/completing a marathon) can become something filled with terror. While the story was horrible and there are still questions left unanswered (Events 1 and 8 of the above list), I also found it to be a true, inspiring testament of the human spirit: many people from all over came together to support a hurting city and those affected by the tragedy.

  • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

    Regarding the recent events in Oklahoma, I have come across a number of news stories about charities from to showing that people of fairly diverse religious beliefs have been helping out. It is always encouraging to see our fellow people assisting each other and given that we had a list on would you like to see a similar list for Oklahoma? If so, what charities do you believe are reputable enough for inclusion on such a list? For the Boston list, both I and the site owner personally donated to some of the entries on that list, and I have donated to and written on a fairly wide variety of charities over the years from everything from Ohio Basset Hound Rescue to flood relief in Germany, among others, so I am frequently looking for ways to help others. If anyone has some ideas on relevant Oklahoma charities they would like to post here or if you would like us to prepare a list in the manner of the Boston bombing list of charities, please post that as well.

  • Jeff Sustarsic

    It’s interesting to me that individuals are willing to give up some of their civil liberties in exchange for, potentially, better national security. Not to be overly pessimistic, but I question the effectiveness of such measures, and I always wonder how people could abuse such power. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any method with which it is possible to find out whether such measures are statistically significant.

  • Lauren T.

    I think this is a great list of things that occurred in May that are “news paper” worthy and other interesting things that have occurred this month that I didn’t know about, such as the blurb about the lottery, cool! The section I took most interest in, and feel is the most important thing that occurred in May is that gay marriage was “okayed” in Rhode Island. I think this is important because our country strives for equality yet not everyone receives it. There was a big uproar when woman were given “equal rights” yet that passed quickly, so this is just another small uproar over same sex marriages. It is strange to me that individuals who follow the bible are upset about this because it says God loves all his children yet they practice this books teachings. “America the brave still fears what we don’t know”

  • Rachel

    While I agree with many of the other comments as to the validity of some stories in comparison to others, I think it is important to remember that all news in American contains a considerable amount of “fluff” stories. Without funny, heartwarming, or triumphant entertainment segments, most Americans would not be willing to sit through the news, or read a newspaper completely. So, I agree that the order may not be correct in this particular aricle. I would love to see a future list on the Oklahoma charities. I would also love to see a list about which states have made the move to give our LGBT citizens some of their much-deserved, basic human rights back!

    Thanks again for an interesting list, as always!

  • John Connick

    I think the IRS scandal was the most important story of the month. An agency with such power and outreach cannot discriminate. They must handle themselves with professionalism and a non-bias attitude. And in my opinion, you cannot say you did nothing wrong and then refuse to testify. If you did nothing wrong then you should be willing to testify to clear your name.

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are the people with something to hide.” -Barack Obama, August 21, 2010-

  • Alissa Bambarger (TA)

    History 202 students, what events do you think will be important in June?

  • MattF

    I would have to say that the Boston bombings have been the biggest buzz of 2013 so far. The amount of “hype” that the coverage received was of proportion to none other this year so far. I had friends come over and we just sat and watched the news and let each other know the updates of what was happening and when the suspects were found each time. I woke up the one morning when the news about the suspects being found and one being shot and by 6 a.m. when i showed up to football workout the entire team knew about it already. It is astounding how fast news can travel because of twitter and facebook and online newspapers, etc.

    As far as news from June thus far- I am not thinking of any news off of the top of my head but I am a huge sports fan. I am a Notre Dame football fan and to see their freshman quarterback get kicked out of school for not following academic problems (although it upsets me as a fan) is a good thing to see because it restores my faith that there are people there that make those kids have to work for their degree, and not turn their head if they see them cheating or having someone else do the work for them just because they are an allstar player for a good team.

  • Grant

    I have to agree that the Oklahoma tornados were the biggest story of May.I predict that the most important news story in June will be some new development about the situation in Syria. Also, I saw today that Vladimir Putin and his wife are separating. She has kept an extremely low public profile. She was not seen in public for quite some time and that is sure to be a big news item because not only is he the President of Russia, he is an extremely dominating personality in the country.

    I agree with those who say that this list compiles infotainment- particularly the Powerball being such a large amount of money. I saw that it did not include that Minnesota had also legalized Gay Marriage. When reading any sort of list like this, one often wonders how they decide how to rank what. The Biggest story of the year so far in my opinion has to be the Boston Bombing not only because of the media frenzy behind it, but of the issues it brought up for Americans.

  • Jonathan Kapus

    I did find the articles/events in this article to be very interesting. However, I think its hard to say that some of these are the top stories of the year so far. A lot of them have been fairly recent and thus have not reached their peak in information and analysis of the events. I personally think that the most important event was the Boston Bombing. Its the most prevalent terrorist attack reported and carried out on U.S. soil that I can think of since 9/11. If I am wrong someone please let me know. The proceeding information that is going to surface relating to the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trail and the trails of the students who supposedly helped cover up Tsarnaev’s involvement in the terrorist attack.

  • Nathan Babb

    I believe the Boston Bombing was the most important event of the top ten list thus far. This event, just like 9/11 will sadly change America’s view and fear of the “other”. Security will be enhanced in public places. Many people will be skeptical to go to major events that were once revered as peak experiences of indivduals lives.

  • Ann Profeta

    All of these topics I feel are very interesting. The one that caught my attention however was the fact that Plan B is now available over the counter for any age. I think that this is something that will possibly decrease the amount of teenage pregnancies, which to some is a good thing. I think that allowing all age girls to have the option of Plan B is ground breaking for the reduction in young teenage pregnancies. It may not be the most important of these topics, however, it sure caught my attention.

    Also, which I found interesting was the power ball story. I have never played the lottery, but since then I actually participated in this past week’s power ball lottery for the first time-but I am not surprised to say that I am not a winner.

  • Rebecca

    Being biased that they are minutes from where I live, I believe that the Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus/Michelle Knight being found should also have been on the list. The three women have been in captivity for as long as 10+ years. When they were first taken, I was in grade school and was not allowed to go to the mall, movies or go anywhere by myself or even with my friends. It was a very scary time as a young adult as well as a mother of a young adult. Miracles are rarely seen but with the three women being found it was very evident in May. It was a miracle that they were found, Amanda was able to have her baby, and that the three women were safe.

    Other than that I do not agree that Plan B should be available for any age. This only promotes unsafe sex because they can just get Plan B over the counter. The rules were that a person was supposed to be 18 years of age in order to get the pill and I think that it should have stayed as that.