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  1. That One Guy at |

    As soon as I saw the title of this list I knew Seinfeld would be on here. haaha

  2. Christy Schave at |

    they dressed so sharp

  3. Luann Kurfis at |

    One of my favorite shows!!Loved the music and of course Don Johnson!!1

  4. Connor at |

    No Twin Peaks?

    1. Shell Harris at |

      I thought of Twin Peaks as well when reading this list, for the sheer impact it had before the benefit of the Internet, but it flamed out just as fast and left most fans, including me, a bit disappointed.

  5. eatdogs at |

    Man, I love MST3K. I try my best to go to all the Rifftrax Live events. If there’s one coming your way, be sure to go check those out. The last one I saw was Night of the Living Dead and before that was Starship Troopers. Totally awesome.

  6. Jannatul at |

    I was fan of Star Trek. Feeling great to see this here.

  7. Stephanie at |

    First off, the picture you have for MST3K is from my all time favorite episode: Time Chasers. I love Eddie!!!

    Second, I would add Hill Street Blues. It really paved the way for gritty police dramas and shows with actual multi-episode story arcs rather than everything wrapped up in the space of one hour.

  8. LoLo at |

    I would add Roseanne to the list. One of the first shows to discuss birth control, underage sex, gay rights and gay marriage.


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