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  1. Zane
    Zane at |

    Wasn’t it a young man who was beaten to death at Altamont?

    1. Matt
      Matt at |

      Yes, the man’s name was Meredith Hunter. The author of this piece probably saw the name “Meredith” and assumed it was a woman.

      1. becca
        becca at |

        Also he wasn’t beaten he was stabbed. This was after he drew a gun and pointed it at the stage

        1. Matt
          Matt at |

          Well, they beat him first, then stabbed him. But he was definitely a dude, not a lady.

        2. Claude
          Claude at |

          No, if you watch the film, you see an argument, then a gun pulled, and then a stabbing. The Angels were criminals and assholes(Who said they were doing the security), but let’s try and get SOME facts right.

        3. Matt
          Matt at |

          He was punched several times by members of the Hell’s Angels as he made an attempt to rush on to the stage. At that point he pulled a gun, then he got stabbed. I know the facts of this case.

      2. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        Thank you, we have corrected this mistake and added a link to the Wikipedia page concerning this young man’s death.

  2. Mark
    Mark at |

    “Truly inspiring to be here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” Justin Bieber on Anne Frank. Am I the only person who thinks Justin Bieber is making Wacko Jacko look normal?

  3. David
    David at |

    not much to castrate from ole bieber

  4. merl
    merl at |

    there was a live movie of Altamont that I saw when I was a kid, because my teenage sister wanted to see it, all I remember is seeing some guy rush the stage and get stabbed, and then people yelling “They just stabbed a guy!!”

  5. John
    John at |

    To be honest it would be a kindness to the workd to ensure that the “beebs” never reproduces

  6. sharnique
    sharnique at |

    Wow i am in complete and utter shock that Riccardo Lopez (Bjorks stalker) isnt on this list, the guy recorded about a weeks worth of footage mapping out his plan and acting totally bat s*it crazy. Then, he offed himself on the tape…


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