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  • Randy

    Very fun list. I really enjoyed this one thank you.

  • You might have included Superman’s foe Lex Luthor, who was a mad scientist for most of his comics career and the Fantastic Four’s nemesis Dr. Doom, who started out as a college-age mad scientist and through an accident became the disfigured and dangerous supervillian he is today.

    • Tom

      Those are both good examples of comic book mad scientists, but when translated into movies neither Luthor or Doom are very impressive compared to the ten on this list.

  • 5minutes

    How about Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”…. 😛

  • dreymac

    My favorite is Dr. Emilio Lazardo from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Check it out below.

    Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy

  • Miss M.

    How about Dr. Herbert West from the “Re-Animator” films?

    • Tom

      There was more than one Re-Animator film? Huh.

  • alur

    After a search, I see that “mad scientists in movies” is a frequent topic of discussions on the internet.

    My favorite “mad” scientist is Dr. Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in the Back to the Future series.

    It’s funny that crazy broadway producers and stage directors, drama ridden station directors, and wild-eyed Shirley-McClain types in various fields in the arts aren’t as fun to portray for their driven ambitions as “mad” scientists are. Those categories are equally amusing.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. Strangelove is my favorite of all times. Kubrik and Sellers made great parody.

  • Linfish84

    Goldmember did not come in 1992!

  • john

    Loveless from Wild,Wild West was pretty mad too.

  • Marcelo

    Cool list indeed. I would like to contribute with the following:

    Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde were also played by John Malkovich in “Mary Reilly (1996)”.
    Victor Frankenstein was played by Kenneth Branagh in “Frankenstein (1994)” and the monster was played by Robert De Niro.

    The last one I sure recommend.