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  • Jimigod

    Alex Ross!? Hardly. Alex Ross is the Norman Rockwell of comic book artist.

    • Um, I think that’s what they said in the write up.

      • Jimigod

        Ha ha. Just saw that.
        The point being that’s not a complement its an insult.

  • fdx

    OK, i don’t understand why kirby is not number 1, but i can understand that.
    What i fail to understand is the selection of artists…. Ever heard of John Byrne, Neal Adams, Gene Colan, Jim Steranko, Dave cockrum, Frank Miller, Jim Starlin?
    I’m not even talking about artists i personaly like, but the guys listed above pretty much built the marvel universe.
    The influence of Adams on X-Men was huge and frankly, without Byrne nobody would know who the X-Men are and particularly Wolverine.
    Gene Colan and Frank Miller led the way in all things “Daredevil” art Marvel.
    Without Starlin there probably wouldn’t be a galactic Marvel Universe, when you think Thanos, Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock you think Starlin.

    I do agree that the artists listed here are pretty good, but in terms of influence on the Marvel Universe, they’re not there yet.

    • Jonathan Reiter

      Hear, Hear.

    • I totally agree with the omission of John Byrne. But these type of lists are always personal so I understand there will always be “glaring omissions”.

      On second thought, listing artists by the decade would have been a better idea. Hard to compare different eras.

      I really think Alex Schomburg should be listed here:

      I accept full blame on this list missing the mark. I didn’t give good direction.

      • fdx

        Just realized i wrote in the same sentence that i “don’t understand why Kirby is not number 1” and that “i understand that” which clearly makes no sense 🙂
        Well english is not my first language so try answering me in french and we’ll debate grammatical errors 🙂

        To your point, i understand these lists are personal that’s the reason why they generate so many comments but in that case, shouldn’t it be something like “My Top 10 lists of…”
        The list of artists mentioned in my previous post are not necessarily my favorite artists but nobody can deny they didn’t built the Marvel Universe and, as much as i enjoy McFarlane, he’s no Jack kirby.

        We could argue about Neal Adams and Frank Miller since they did have more impact on DC then Marvel but we’re talking about the guy who created Elektra and it’s my personal opinion that Miller was much more readable when is was working with Janson.

        Dave Cockrum may not be known by some readers but he did participate in the relaunch of X-Men in 1975. Let’s not forget that X-Men were previously canceled because of low sales.

        Don’t even get me started on Colan and Starlin, 1st one being the guy who defined Daredevil as an urban noir hero; the latter being the artist who pretty much created all things cosmic, like, i don’t know Thanos 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Add George Perez to that list too.

  • Jonathan Reiter

    How come Jack Kirby isn’t here?

    • Jack “King” Kirby was listed at #4.

      • Jonathan Reiter

        Okay. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  • Reid

    I’m a bit of a J Scott Campbell fanboy, sad to see him not even on an honorable mention.

    • Yes, I can totally see why.

      • TJ

        @TopTenzMaster: Nice.

    • Stuart

      Hahaha yes, he does render the ladies well.

  • chet

    Don’t forget comic artist: Jim Lee…
    …one of my personal favorites.

  • Amanda

    I was going to question why Jim Lee isn’t on here, but the fact that Greg Land isn’t made up for it.

  • Uh, Jim Lee anybody? Artist for the best-selling comic of all time (X-Men #1)? John Byrne? Marc Silvestri? Heck, where’s Rob Lifield? They guy is a grade-A chode, but he’s one of the definitive artists of the 90s in Marvel. I understand these lists are subjective and therein lies the joy of reading them (the debates) but come on. You guys missed some big names.

    • fdx

      To TopTenz Master’s point, maybe the “Top ten influential artists of the 60’s/70’s/80’s” etc. would probably have been better…..
      It would very much hurt my eyes to see Liefeld listed as one of the 10 most influentials Marvel of all times….. But i agree that he did influence the 90’s, probably not in the best way but it’s still an influence 🙂

  • Scot

    The cover you posted for Steve Ditko was actually one of the few Spidey covers drawn by Jack Kirby… c’mon!

    • Yes, I’m embarrassed, but I’m not a Spider-man fan. More of a Daredevil and X-men guy. Sorry.

  • Scot

    Ditko drew everything Spidey inside of Amazing Fantasy 15 but, the cover was drawn by none other than Jack King Kirby – who should have been number 1 on the list by the way

    • Ugh, you are right. Totally my fault. How can I call myself comic fanboy. Marvel confirms this, “The cover ultimately published for Amazing Fantasy #15 was not the one originally planned. Originally, Steve Ditko both penciled and inked the cover, but at the last minute Stan Lee decided to have Jack Kirby come in and redo it.” I have removed the famous Amazing Fantasy 15 cover and put in the one Ditko did draw. Thank you for correcting me.

  • Yak

    Happy to see both Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko on the list. I still enjoy their styles very much.

  • MatthewZD

    It’s tempting to write this list off to personal bias, but it’s hard when there’s so much fail in it.

    First, Jack Kirby should be no lower than 2nd. Second, the only ones that could rate higher than Kirby areDitto, Strrankp, or possibly Miller. If talent, influence, and popularity are considerations, McFarlane may make the top teen but not in the top five. Third, this list omits Steranko, Miller, Byrne, and (i can’t believe no one else mentioned this one) George Perez. How many other artists could have pulled off the JLA/Avengers teamup?

    • fdx

      I agree with you and mentioned most of those in my 1st post, don’t know who “Strrankp” so i can’t really agree or disagree with you 🙂
      I’m not sure i would put George Perez in here, i’m a big fan of his work but, let’s face it, he’s much more a DC guy than a Marvel. I do agree that his work on Avengers and, of course Infinity Gauntlet was great, but i can’t hardly dissociate his name from Teen Titans or Wonder Woman.

  • tw

    jerome opena is all you need to know~

  • David

    John Byrne was the ultimate Marvel artist for about 20 years. I grew up on him. His run on X-Men was incredible. I actually loved what he did with the Fantastic Four too. He is my all-time favorite… I know this list is personal, but he should be in there. He SHOULD be in the Marvel Hall of Fame!

    • No argument from me. I just bid waaaaaay too much for a sketch of Phoenix on ebay and lost. 🙁

      • fdx

        i was a big fan of Alpha Flight and Namor 🙂

        • Jonathan Reiter

          You, too? So was I!

          • David

            I worshiped Alpha Flight when I was a kid. I got the first 12 issues and Guardian was the bomb. When he was killed a part of me died.

            • Jonathan Reiter

              Me, Too!

  • Nando

    No Walt Simonson? Michael Golden? Bill Sienkiewicz? C’mon!

  • Jaygee

    Nice list idea, terrible execution. Here is the only choices;
    1) Jack Kirby (The King forever)
    2) Steve Ditko
    3) John Buscema
    4) John Romita
    5) Barry Windsor Smith
    6) Gene Colan
    7) John Byrne
    8} Joe Sinnott Primarily an inker but key to look at Marvel)
    9) Herb Trimpe (not the most talented but his work on the Hulk is iconic)
    10) Jim Lee (not a big fan but his influence is undeniable)

  • curtis martin

    1. Kirby BELOW McFarlane?!! You have GOT to be kidding me! McF doesn’t belong on the list.
    2. Neither does Ross. He’s a great painter and illustrator, but he’s not a comic artist. Comic artists draw.
    3. None of the artists whose drawings are obfuscated by computer paint coloring should count either. If I can’t see the line they drew, it doesn’t count in my book.
    4. And seriously, no Gene Colan? No Wally “Daredevil” Wood? And I could go on and on about the artists who used pencil, pen, and brush to actually TELL THE STORY instead of statically tickle the eyeballs with overkill and “technique”.

  • icon

    what no Michael turner he is one of the best comic book Artists i know ;'(

  • Drithien

    I too think this should have been multiple lists divided by periods. The way it is, this list seems to have some glaring omissions, while some otherwise exceptional artists seem to be hogging spots unfairly. For example David Finch and Steve McNiven are amazing artists, but I can’t help but think that they shouldn’t be on the list just so someone like Jim Lee or Joe Madureira could be included, whose omission from the list in baffling considering how influential they have been and how their work was received with both critical and commercial success.

  • Roman

    Kirby should be number 1…..I honestly don’t know how he’s below Ditko to start with BUT ROSS???????. Ross hasn’t done enough Marvel stuff to be qualified. He is one of my favorites but he DOES NOT belong on a list of Marvel Artists or if he does he should be 10. He did 1 comic (please correct me b/c I’m going off the top of my head) and a bunch of covers for Marvel. It should be Kirby, Romita Sr., Ditko……the rest don’t matter. Those 3 are the Tri-force of Marvel awesomeness. Also a side-note even Stan Lee couldn’t draw stick-figures he’s so important to the Marvel look and feel that he needs an honorable mention or something. When you plot and come up with stories/characters you need to explain what they will look like so in that way he’s def. a Marvel artist or conceptualizer (possibly not a real word) in my opinion. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on Stan Lee getting a mention….

    • fdx

      Well you can’t forget Gene colan or John Buscema in Marvel’s original artists.

  • Stuart

    Kirby, Romita Snr and Buscema ARE comic art to me.

  • Dr. Hammond

    I’m a fossil. And maybe I don’t know diddly squat. But IMHO, Kirby is God, Ditko is Jesus, and Jim Steranko is the holy ghost. I still have Ditko panels from Strange Tales that I haven’t re-read in 50 years burned into my brain. Steranko was the bridge from the silver age to now. And as a side note, and perhaps a bit off topic, the next time you see a photo of current NRA leader Wayne LaPierre spouting off, tell me that he could not be a supervillain from a Kirby drawn comic shouting “Noooooooo!” after the FF foiled his plan for world domination

  • squiggle

    Putting Kirby at 4 seems like troll bait, and wtf was up with the author trashing half the guys on here? If he thinks Finch’s characters are too exaggerated and Lee relies on shadow too much and all, why are they in the top 10? Surely there were 10 marvel artists who the author actually liked???

  • Spider-Hawk

    Honestly, Stefano Caselli should be on this least. His doesn’t have much quantity, but his quality makes up for it. Romita Junior is a horrible artist.

  • David Lawrence

    You ranked Jack Kirby #4?

    The most important and influential artist in the history of the American comic book. The man whose artwork defined not only the Marvel house style but the look of an entire industry?

    The man who is at LEAST half responsible for the creation of virtually every one of Marvel Comic’s bread and butter characters?

    And in fairness I would suggest MORE than half responsible.

    The many who drew more pages for Marvel than any other artist?

    Even if we judge Jack simply as an artist…and he was not, as he was writing stories for himself and others that Lee dialogued throughout the 1960s…there is no way he does not rank #1.

    • herb smith

      Absolutely agree. Not only the greatest Marvel artist but the greatest, period. No one else is even close.

  • Todd Hostager

    My favorites reflect the comic book collecting years of my youth:

    – Jim Steranko
    – Jack Kirby
    – Neal Adams
    – Frank Frazetta
    – Barry W. Smith
    – Berni Wrightson
    – Gene Colan
    – Mike Kaluta
    – Mike Ploog
    – Murphy Anderson
    – John Buscema
    – Alex Raymond
    – Jim Aparo
    – Wally Wood

    Favorite Inkers: Tom Palmer, Joe Sinnott

    I got back into comics for a while during the Early 90’s, but as you can tell, my favorites are from the late 60’s through the early 70’s, so I’ll defer to the judgment of others regarding who’s good after that time.

  • Justin Thunnderfart Stauffer

    Can’t believe that Jim Lee, Romita Jr, and Whilce Portacio aren’t on this list!